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EditPlus32/64 V4.3.0.2560 finished version version Chinese registered version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-02-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 EditPlus32/64 V4.3.0.2560 finished version version Chinese registered version
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The lightning's small share EditPlus32/64 version of Chinese version Is a powerful text editor, with unlimited undo and redo, English spelling, word wrap, mark the number of columns, search, replace and edit multiple files, full screen browsing.
 EditPlus32/64 version of Chinese version

The main function:

HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript syntax highlighting. Moreover, it also supports custom programming language based on other grammar files;
- in a seamless Web browser preview HTML page, and through the FTP command to upload a local file to the FTP server;
Other functions, including the HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, scale, URL plus. Automatically, text editing, block selection, powerful search and replace, multiple Undo / redo, spell check, customizable keyboard shortcuts, etc.

The default Python/Ruby on Rails * supports syntax highlighting
* improved syntax highlighting speed (long)
* "did not modify the document to disable the Save button" option ("Settings" - "file")
* display tabs and spaces in a separate order
* search allows for "in the document;" interval multi folder name
* increase the number to 20 tool group
* allow string values in #PREFIX and #SUFFIX statement
* "set repeat marker" command ("Edit - >" other ")
* "monitor log file" command ("file")
* -pi command-line option specifies the configuration files of different engineering
* string insert supports Perl syntax highlighting
* words (text) plus now support the choice of different words (text)
* the new "restore default" button (the font dialog box)
* in the color picker display color code
* add "instead of using STAT LIST FTP option
* add "run as text filter (replace fixed cursor)" user operation
* add "contains the user account name" backup options
* the new "try keyboard interactive verification SFTP option
* the new 256x256 application icon size
< > error correction
* long will lead to a crash
* if the error file open in sixteen hexadecimal viewer mode, may lead to a crash
* fixed Explorer right button will freeze the problem
* PHP syntax highlighting will lead to damage the contents of annotation block
* save return incorrect with long file name for the file extension dialog box
* remote file backup file extension option does not work
* the "clipboard monitoring" function will repeatedly paste the same text
Set the directory '*' dialog 'import / export' button does not work
* if the default encoding option is set to Unicode, the template can not work
* when switching the document, the function list is not updated
* if you manually add the path may not be able to execute php.exe
* the editing grammar file when the cursor position error problem
* user tools menu bitmap to display a custom icon
* 'option in the' hidden line print page does not work properly
* in the directory window in the browser 'view' mistakenly run 'source view edit' command
* highlight text options will cause the program to freeze
* fixed custom shortcut list "directory", "Refresh" loss problem
* fixed Windows classic theme menu bitmap problem
* "tools" dialog will display the wrong browser name list
* a look, "to continue to the next option does not work
* custom file type cannot be set for the 1 indent
* find in files, keystroke logging may be incorrect
* fixed fullscreen mode output window position error problem
* in Windows XP under the "EditPlus" option does not work in Internet Explorer
* stop error "file is modified" warning information
EditPlus is a 32 bit Internet era text editor, HTML editor and editor of Windows platform programmer

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