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Node type three-dimensional particle effects plugin cracked version of 1.3.1

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Node type three-dimensional particle effects plugin cracked version of  1.3.1
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Stardust is a three-dimensional particle plug-in AE software of a new generation of node type,
Independent control interface, powerful function, containing a variety of presupposition, easy to create a beautiful and complex effect,
With transmitter, particle, copy, force field, auxiliary transmitter, 3D model, Maks, text, etc. control mode is also very much
The plug-in Win and Mac version of the official release, has been cracked, below can be downloaded for free
Stardust is a modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node based user interface and ships with a ton of presets to create stunning effects quickly and easily.
The official website address:
The plug-in features:
Three dimensional particle system
Based on the node interface (in the three-dimensional space in simple and easily create complex particle system)
Add or modify particle preset effects (multiple preset animation)
The copy function (a unique tool used to copy the particles to create more exciting effect)
Infinite 2D and 3D particle control
The transmitter, particle, copy, force field, auxiliary transmitter, 3D model, Maks, and text, path etc.
Space deformation, sphere, square / box, 3D model, bending, twisting, path, Black Hole.
Splines spline (transmitter path and animation)
In the sphere, box or 3D package or particle emission


A tool, a single 3D space, there are endless possibilities in a plane. It is a particle system, a fully functional with force field, motion blur, freedom and so on.

Easy breakthrough node based interface use. From the start node preset or create your own. Many particle launchers, and power can be added, and they all work in 3D space.

By copying the particles in a variety of ways to create beautiful graphics movement. Through Replica, you can create a unique design, from organic to technology and so on.

Space deformation
The sphere, box, 3D model, displacement maps, used to push, pull, surrounded by coloring and moving particle. With the passage of time, the black hole nodes can be used to attract the particle.

Intelligent default
Loading the entire set, or a single node parameter. With one click, you can preset loading is amazing, and there are a lot of presupposition.

three-dimensional model
The particle can move along the vertices of the 3D model or the volume of emission.

Whether it is a box or sphere grid, using a unique easy-to-use modular workflow, these are just the long path starting point. These grids can be manipulated through a variety of ways, in order to create stunning appearance.

From the line through 3D particle emission spline 3D spline, these unique animation can be generated, using the After Effects light source, can create a variety of amazing effect.

Text and mask
Particles can be emitted from the real-time text and mask, either from the volume or from the edge. You can then use the attribute pruning more, offset and control path. Create unprecedented effect.

Install the crack tutorial

1, in the download and unzip, Setup.exe installation procedures and Fix files

2, double-click the Setup.exe operation, as shown in figure I, click agree

3, check the components you want to install and deselect components You don't want to install. Click on the install installation

4, installation, you wait for a moment

5, the installation is complete, click close to close the wizard, copy the Fix folder to the Stardust_effect.aex installation directory, click Replace object files in the default path C:\ Program Files Adobe After Effects CC \ Adobe \ XX \ Support Files \ Plug-ins \ Superluminal \ Stardust

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New features:
The new features of the 3D rendering engine shadow, additional 3D model, environment, shadow etc..
Simplified 3D model, in a few seconds to add your 3D model 3D model.
The work process improvement, multiple video sources, new graphics mode.
- more control over the particle path east.
3D shadow model
Transparent material additives
The new pattern - keeping
Using the new "layer set" can easily create a multiple source video wall
The source node
- environment - shadow light will affect the lighting environment based on image
Presupposition can be saved and loaded in the render settings, such as the environment and motion blur.
- simplified model workflow, simply add nodes to add a single instance.
Simplified model animation, you can create and click through the parent model set to 3D null model.
Motor node add options to the path to the location.
- default - save label and render settings.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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