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Mailstyler Newsletter Creator Pro Chinese version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Mailstyler Newsletter Creator Pro Chinese version
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Newsletter Creator Pro version is a mail newsletter software. Create and customize email templates and we drop editor. We take care of the HTML code, and the response will be clean and tidy. is the most easy to use in the world of communications software: it allows you to create a simple drag and drop series perfect email template, without writing a line of code. Lightning, pro test, welcome to download!

  Newsletter Creator Pro

The software features

The most simple design method of communication

Write an e-mail template has never been so smooth and fun. Choose a wide range of precast block, drag and drop to the page, and customize them. Once completed, the communication is ready for any mail software.

The establishment of a fully compatible template

Create all the communication through our e-mail editor, 100% and any client or email compatible (mobile applications including). Anywhere in the message open, it always looks perfect; we also provide special blocks response template.

No skill is necessary

Our WYSIWYG editor is a complete vision based interaction, so you don't need any knowledge of HTML / CSS. Just enjoy the interface, and set up your free email layout, brick.

Unleashing your creativity

Mailstyler allows you to create a unique, truly your own email template. The possibility of editing is extensive: you can add and crop images, make the font and style changes, adjust cell and custom frame columns...

software function

Here are some mailstyler the best and easiest to use communication creator in the market characteristics. You can write your own email template in a few seconds, just drag and drop our ready-made elements.

Create a drag and drop template

In the encoding template, always looks great

No HTML / CSS knowledge is required

The possibility of unlimited editing

Any image

Private cloud space

Compatible with all e-mail client software and services

Automatic image resizing / planting

Quick response

Ready-made styles and palette

A key export


  • In the default image into blocks, icons and elements.
  • Merge or separate a plurality of cells, and adjust the size and space.
  • - add predefined text graphic style.
  • Covering text on the image to create dynamic banner.
  • Play the transparency and opacity in pictures and words.
  • The cell or block style copied to another cell or block.
  • - in PDF format template.
  • Senior management enjoy social icon.
  • Optimization of.Png file export.
Install the crack using graphic tutorials: Http://
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