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Google browser upgrade assistant () v6.6.0 Green Edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-06
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Google browser upgrade assistant () v6.6.0 Green Edition
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The lightning's small share Google browser upgrade assistant () Is a very fast and it can help the user to easily update the Google browser gadget for Google update automatically when there is a problem, it can help to fix the error, delete cache file browser, the browser to complete the update! is an enhanced Chrome software, can easily create green version of Chrome.
Double click with a closing tag, right click Close Tab, save the last label, hover fast label switching;
Additional Chrome operating parameters, start running the program, boss key, blank new tab page;
The arbitrary shape of mouse gestures, portable version of the green, with hosts conversion function keys.

Function introduction:

Google Chrome updater can easily access the latest Chrome installation package to download address, and embedded in the latest version of , convenient to create green version can automatically update Chrome.

Brief introduction of application:

1, added Chrome operating parameters, start running the program, the green portable version, boss key, new custom label, off label click, right click Close Tab, save the last label, hover fast tag switching, right click quick tab to switch tabs open, new bookmarks, new tab open URL, mouse gestures etc.;

2, the high-end users can directly use the directory in the browser, according to how many bits, choose 32 bit (x86) or 64 (x64), the winhttp.dll chrome.exe in the same directory;

3, the browser plug-ins choose wrong, intelligent processing, covering in winhttp.dll, if the configuration file changes also need to cover .ini.

Usage method:

1, if the current directory is not writable, then the .ini configuration file will be created automatically to the%appdata% below. The .ini position can be set in the web location click interface;

2, the installed version of the user, because the default configuration will redirect the user to the data directory of the current directory, the directory is not writable will lead to errors, need to delete the additional parameter --user-data-dir, and close the portable, old data for use before;

3, the software only fit in the version of chrome, more than the version does not fit, especially as the kernel of the Chromium browser, any bug are normal, can see the character with the whole;

4, the latest version of the bug, also ignored because chrome update the result of bug will require patience adaptation;

Principle 5, software work is outside the chrome covered, such as double closed, is captured by double clicking a message outside after the conversion to send button. It relates to the "internal function cannot be handled, such as drag and drop open the page, not really, or an extension;

6, don't say some function that is not installed, such as the future can not google;

7, now chrome comes with flash, can download and install;

8, is reported to be intercepted, poison, upload privacy? The program itself is not the network function, other do not want to say, want to use, do not want to use you.


Optimization of the new Chrome compatibility, the default winmm.dll
6.5.6: you can try to rename the winhttp.dll version.dll or winmm.dll compatible version of the Chrome (32 to repair)
6.5.5: you can try to rename the winhttp.dll version.dll or winmm.dll compatible with the new version of Chrome.
2018-03-22 v6.4.7: optimization details.

2018-02-26 v6.4.6: repair 32 set interface does not show the gesture bug, repair 32 Canary crack developers warning.

2018-02-12 v6.4.5 has realized the developer mode to remove warning function, I wish you a happy new year!

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