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Greasemonkey Chrome (Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download helper) v2018.10.31_1.3.2 latest version for free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-05
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Greasemonkey Chrome (Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download helper) v2018.10.31_1.3.2 latest version for free
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The lightning's small share Greasemonkey Chrome is a Google Chrome program to install the plug-in Tampermonkey grease monkey. A free browser extension and the most popular user script manager, can achieve some pages through the mount JS script functions, such as the removal of advertising, or sign switch the background color or hide one element etc..

Function introduction

Tampermonkey is a script manager is a very strong function. If not the script users can search the Internet to many useful scripts for installation. In addition, Tampermonkey can also be used for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chromium and many other browsers. In addition, Firefox browser Greasemonkey, Maxthon are violent monkeys can achieve similar functionality.

Greasemonkey Tampermonkey installation

1. open the Chrome browser extensions page
Chrome://extensions copy, paste the address bar, press the Enter key to open the "extension" page

Drag to install 2.
To download a good browser extension file, drag to the "extension" page

3. to install
In the window, click the "add extender" button, the installation is successful!

 Greasemonkey chrome 3.12 latest version for free

4, get the script source: left click the Tampermonkey icon pop-up dialog box, click access to new script

 Greasemonkey chrome 3.12 latest free version

5, the pop-up user script source web site, can obtain a large number of outstanding script by four kinds of graph approach, including some domestic and foreign websites commonly used script, we recommend the use of Greasy Fork, on the home site of the other three scripts are more focused on the comparison of foreign website script

 Greasemonkey chrome 3.12 latest free version

Tampermonkey (oil monkey) extension installation.
360 browser Https://
Chrome Https://

Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download helper

2018-10-31: v1.3.2 repair script failed, SkyDrive file must share files after use
2018-10-18: Baidu v1.3 interface, 2018-10-18 must login SkyDrive to get the download link

1, install the Baidu SkyDrive direct download assistant enhanced version of the script, click the download button > > copy link display assistant;
2, open the gadget and then copy the direct download link, a sound bite automatic conversion is successful, copied to the IDM download.
The tool shell may report drug! The principle is the tool to replace

EX- Baidu cloud disk speed version 2018 (v0.3.3) recommended!

The EX- cloud based on modified more stable, thanks to the author update last night repair;
Modify the direct download link for high-speed download link
Remove each page in the middle of the open network disk prompt "EX- Baidu cloud disk loaded successfully"

[disk automatically fill in passwords [power enhanced version]]

[city SkyDrive leather disc shows the correct download address]

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