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MecSoft 2017 v6.0.519 Free Edition

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  • Update: 2018-02-23
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 MecSoft  2017 v6.0.519 Free Edition
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2017 is the industry leading software, can be fully integrated in Solidworks 2010-2017 operation. From the simple 2-1/2 axis to the 5 axis milling all. for SOLIDWORKS can help you quickly manufacture parts. The integration with Solidworks software for the CAD and CAM combination provides a visual user interface, fully associative tool path update and various post processor. Compared with the independent CAM system, for SOLIDWORKS can be automatically updated in the tool path to change your model, so as to save you countless time.

2017 new features

General updates. A new tool for all tools to use the dialog box to help prompt; allow the algebra of all edit box in all dialog box; all preferred parameters stored in the part file; simulation library has been upgraded, resulting in better performance; enhance the function of all modules in the help line; allow postprocessing arithmetic expression macro program in the definition of.

VISUALCAM - MILL 2017. Milling based on 2.5 axis, is now available in solid model (surface and grid) and the application of the tool path method in these feature detection in machining features, such as 3, prismatic shaft groove groove, groove, plane and convex. This significantly simplifies and accelerates the many Prismatic Parts in part programming. Wait。

CAM utilities. The utility of "Explode Cabinet Design" is very useful with respect to the wooden cabinet manufacturers, can help a cabinet design from the software is composed of explosion plate, now has been enhanced to include the color encoding characteristic curve. This enables the use of selection rules in the knowledge base to select the characteristic curve.

2 axis machining. It has implemented a new type tank and method; groove processing function of T has been enhanced, now support sawcut etc..

About MecSoft company

Headquartered in Erwin, California, to provide CNC software for small to mid market solutions is a global leader. These solutions include products of VisualCAD/CAM, for SOLIDWORKS, RhinoCAM and for Geomagic. In custom manufacturing, rapid tooling, mold manufacturing, aerospace, automobile, mould, carpentry, and education industries, these software products provide a powerful, easy to use and affordable solution.

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