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Newton and apple tree gal 1 PC Sinicization Edition

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  • Update Date: 2017-03-10
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 Newton and apple tree gal 1 PC Sinicization Edition
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This lightning bar Xiaobian share Newton and apple tree is a very interesting plot of GALGAME game, Newton and apple tree hard drive Chinese version of the game tells Newton's story, but Newton in the game is a golden hair and poor milk girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of this butterfly effect, history has become a mess.

 Newton and apple tree gal 1 PC Sinicization Edition

Story brief

The protagonist Tomonaga Shuji and 12345 of the young men and women in order to find the two grandfather who did not know his whereabouts, he passed through without paying attention.

Before returning to heaven, there was only one girl. Yes, what can be hidden?

She is the legendary father of modern science, Isaac, Newton!

Yes, Newton is a golden milky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But at this time, Xiu two and four or five did not know all this.

So the two of Newton was in a blink of mind.

A crash, turning the legendary apple tree over?!!

[just... In a flash, it seemed as if something important was suddenly thought of, but it looked as if something was wrong.

What! The voice of heaven can not help but be bold!

Because the moment of two people passing through time and space is just the moment when Newton realized the gravitational attraction under the apple tree in legend.

Ah, ah, because without the spoof of the heavenly sound, the two stupid act of recklessness has made the great discovery of the century brush and brush, like the seeds of dandelion, and dissipate with the wind.

After that, it goes without saying that the relationship between the butterfly effect and history has become a mess.

Hello, boy, what are you going to do with this mess?

It's seventeenth Century! The stage is a famous British school, the genius Academy with 10 bridges, widely praised by University of Cambridge.

After two, can we complete the revision of history and return to modern times safely?

Laplacian is presented to you with "giggled laughter and tears". We forget our worries and enjoy our hearts.

Main character introduction

Tomonaga Shuji (Asanaga Syuji)

175cm/A blood group

[Cha] (RU) < the lower half of the heroine > >

The protagonist, the virginity, who is disgusted with science. Grandfather Tomonaga Shunichiro is one of the two Nobel prize winners in physics in Japan. Young and young taming four or five studied science from their grandfather, who used to be the "science favorite" teenager. But they spent a period of schooling that was often compared to great grandfather. When they were discovered, they were already allergic to physics. In such a day, the free and unrestrained grandfather suddenly went to England, so the whereabouts were unknown. Xiu two also seemed to escape from reality and carry out music activities in a low-key manner. It is such a virginity. With the opportunity to take care of the child again, four or five will take the chance to travel unexpectedly, and return to the gods to be surrounded by a group of self-centered girls in the 4+1 mode. Not only to solve the troubles brought by the heroines, but also to trace the mystery of the missing grandfather, and the protagonist of the story.

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