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Newton and the apple gal 1 PC Chinese version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-03-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Newton and the apple gal 1 PC Chinese version
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The lightning let Xiaobian share Newton and the apple tree is a very interesting story of the GALGAME game, Newton and the apple tree drive Chinese version of the game tells the story of Newton, but Newton in the game since it is a blond girl poor milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of the butterfly effect, make the historical situation become in a complete mess.

 Newton and the apple gal 1 PC Chinese version

Story synopsis

The hero Tomonaga Shuji and the childhood sweetheart 12345 to find missing two grandfather, an inattentive whoosh through.

Back to God's eyes is just a girl. Yes, what is hidden!

She is later being admired the legendary father of modern science, Isaac # newton!

Yes, Newton is a blond girl poor milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this time the practice of two and four or five do not know all of this, I only know that the days of the sound.

So the rash to fix two, just in front of Newton, the blonde girl look poor milk,

With it, the heart of the legendary apple tree to do?!!

[just...... For a moment, suddenly thought of what an important thing, but it seems wrong.]

What! The day I also can not help but outrageously sound!

Because two people through time and space of the moment, is the legendary Newton discovered gravity moment under the apple tree!

But alas, because there is no day the voice of spoilers, repair the oaf reckless action, the discovery of century so brush, brush brush, like dandelion seeds generally fades away.

Later, not to mention this because of the butterfly effect, make the historical situation become in a complete mess.

Hello, how are you going to her innocence, clean up the mess!

In the 17 century! The stage is a British, with the 10 bridge was widely praised the genius of University, University of Cambridge!

Two end, can complete the history of the amendment, it returned to the modern safe!

The Laplacian presented to you "great little laughter and tears", forget the happy heart, through time and space science comedy love beautiful girl game!

The protagonist

Tomonaga Shuji (Asanaga Syuji)

175cm/A blood group

[play] spit slot full range (CHA) (RU) "body actress,"

Hate science puberty hero, virginity. Grandpa Tomonaga Shunichiro is a Japanese name of Nobel prize in physics. Young age and young reindeer dyed 45 together to learn from my grandfather once was "the science of science, love" youth, but had a great grandfather and it is often compared to a student, that was on the physical allergy. So one day, free spirited grandfather suddenly went to England, so missing, repair two seemed to escape low to carry out music activities. This is a virgin, and the young to dye four or five again as an opportunity, unexpectedly of time travel, came back to 4+1 mode surrounded by a group of self-centered girl, only one person has common sense. Not only to solve the heroine who worries, but also to trace missing grandfather puzzles, the hero of the story.

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