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000 Cailu screen master 2018 V2.5.3 official version for free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-05
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 000 Cailu screen master 2018 V2.5.3 official version for free
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000 Cailu master screen Is a powerful, stable and excellent computer screen recording software, the software can not only record the screen can also be used for high-definition video editing, like a tiger with wings added. In addition, users use the software can enjoy a lot of free template material, let you in various fields are ripe. Lightning download pro test, welcome to download!

Function introduction:

1. a key record screen, smooth Unlimited - million Cailu master screen simple interface, simple operation, a novice can easily record SD, HD, Ultra HD video and smooth without Caton and not limited to recording time.

2. full screen recording / custom recording area, you can record the entire computer screen, can also customize the specific size of the recording area; at the same time flexibly control the entire recording process start / pause / finish recording.

3. microphone / speaker sound - recording process which can keep the picture sound recording, also can activate the microphone and speaker sound settings, only recording screen activities.

4. / mouse cursor movement, can choose a variety of built-in mouse pointer graphics, mouse bottom graphics, mouse click dynamic graphics. The mouse pointer movement can effectively guide the audience's attention, the perfect show recorded screen effect

Large material library:

1. credits of cool special effects -- software has many practical cool credits video effects, can make your video look more professional, more beautiful, more buckle eye, and greatly shorten the video production time.

2. kinds of animated characters, various animated characters (everything true to life teachers, white-collar workers, doctors, etc.) with an animated character with different facial expressions, posture, posture and gestures, can help you vividly convey different information, let the micro class animation video, video and other more animation steps realistic and easy to understand.

Dazzling 3. Flash moving scenery effect - Dynamic bubbles, dancing leaves, floating notes, brilliant fireworks, twinkling stars, graceful arc, sparkling, snow and other dynamic scene video effects everything, easily create a different video theme atmosphere.

4.5000+ HD vector SVG pictures -- software covers all the theme of the HD vector images, you can easily apply to your video editing, either reduce or enlarge the picture, will not affect the clarity of the picture. At the same time you can add their own local image, further enrich the animation video content.

5. vivid circle icon directly for the video to add a variety of red circle icon painting, including curve, straight arrow, arrow, tick, fork, prompt box of various regular or irregular circle icon.

6. rich graphics library - arrow, rectangular, circular, dialog boxes, chemical symbols, mathematical symbols, physical symbols and many other graphics everything, is absolutely perfect material for you to edit video, micro class steps such as video presentation.

More than 7. background pictures -- all kinds of general background images can make the animation demonstration you become more beautiful, get rid of monotonous, mainly including simple background image, background image, background scenery pictures, video background image, background image lines etc..

8. - in addition to the default custom background color various color or gradient background color, you can also easily customize all kinds of background color, easy to make beautiful and personalized video animation movies.

Add notes 9.300+ colorful bubble / colorful bubble / dialog box dialog - can not only timely for your video, can easily create the role of dialogue atmosphere. The software built a variety of transparent and translucent, beautiful shape and riotous with colour of the dialog box, you can use for free.

Update log:

Newly added
Enhanced voice clips, support: cut, copy, delete, silence, adjust the position etc.
Add the function of prospect
Add point line animation on SVG and graphics (timeline right set). A section of line movement animation any trajectory through the line to achieve animation, such as linear fireworks, rises slowly disappear, and a series of results
The spotlight to add shape selection function
Choose to support sound files added to the scene
Repair the use of slide elements leading to the project cannot be opened, or stuck problems
The repair material will export the scene, the problem of lost
Animation improved
The role of elements in the time line of the default name of adjustment
With the improvement in the fixed lens after the material selection problem
Repair role in the combination of expression won't change with time problem
The filter cannot be used interface problem to repair the 64 bit version of the picture editor (program exit)
Repair text mobile animation case editing will cause the size of.
Add mobile animation will disorder object does not follow the fixed lens
Repair of double project, starting the program interface is messy problem
Repair add video initial ratio is not the proportion of the original video
A substantial increase in the performance of the GIF is released
The import failed improved font
Improved animation selection window
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