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The name of the people TV drama series full HD 720P latest | people in the name of the thunder seed

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 The name of the people TV drama series full HD 720P latest | people in the name of the thunder seed
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 The name of the people TV drama series 2017 HD full version of the software.

Baidu is the name of the people known as the largest scale cloud resources anti-corruption TV series "piece of the name of the people", the name of the people of thunder seed free for everyone, the name of the people currently in Hunan TV hit Taiwan, screenwriter Zhou Meisen is telling us that the play is the Hunan Taiwan in recent 3 years, launched a stage performance the best new play, small main push you to download!

 The name of the people 2017 Full HD TV drama series

Drama introduction

The 1 set

The anti corruption Bureau received a ministry in Beijing real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, a director suspected of taking bribes, a vice mayor of Jingzhou Handong province is also involved, anti corruption bureau investigation department director Hou Liangping asked the Secretary Han Dong's anti corruption Bureau Chen Hai with Beijing mobile collaborative investigation. Parked in a district of Beijing outside a van, a group of people to the prosecutor Hou Liangping led by waiting two hours, his men began to sit still, don't wait, the direct action proposal, but Hou Liangping let you wait not to regard it as right, because every day, more than 5 points Zhao's wife will take the children to school, some people say that men can wait, Zhao depression may have jumped, but Hou Liangping said the director Zhao have every reason to live. They continue to wait until finally they said Zhao director and his wife took the children to go to cram school left home, so Hou Liangping let you start, a pedestrian came to national ministries motorized Projects Director Zhao Dehan home, took out a warrant and began to search his house, Zhao Dehan confused to understand that after eating, they face the bully ordinary people, then Hou Liangping took out his credentials told Zhao Dehan he was the anti corruption Bureau, special catch corrupt officials, let him, Zhao Dehan was flustered.

The 2 set

Zhao Dehan will own all where the money in order to Hou Liangping, and tell Hou Liangping a total of more than 200000000 yuan, he also not to spend a penny, Hou Liangping cursed Zhao Dehan sorry hard to raise him parents, Zhao Dehan confession bribery process, and expose Ding Yizhen to his bribery affair, he told Hou Liangping himself the bookkeeping stood in the bathroom, he looked at a detailed record, Hou Liangping can not help but laugh he is studying accounting, know all the staff to Hou Liangping bribery, Hou Liang Ping said his side gain a complete victory, called for Chen Hai to be sure he caught Ding Yizhen, let people to contact the bank over the counter please eat, and promised big guy. Zhao Dehan pleaded guilty after being taken to the Public Security Bureau, before he requested Hou Liangping to let oneself finally see a home, watching the Zhao Dehan finally cried glory, splendour, wealth and rank.

Third set

After that Ding Yizhen received a phone call on China fled, everyone is guessing inside someone leaked the news, have to guess who this person would be. But after an investigation, the provincial Party committee nearby and there is no phone call to Ding Yizhen, the basic rule out the possibility of internal leakage, but high ikuyoshi did not agree, he thinks there may be internal staff by being linked to Ding Yizhen, then the secret, he angrily let his people go to check out. After the high ikuyoshi that Ding Yizhen and Zhao Dehan real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing is Chen Hai's father, Chen Yanshi, and Chen Yanshi is always ready to give the government telephone complaints, high ikuyoshi face a serious, he told his men that is actually very good, can contact more than one channel and the masses.

Fourth set

The factory trade union chairman Zheng Xipo to find Chen Yanshi, to discuss the wind plant road, while two people to discuss very excited, the factory workers call, tell the police to Zheng Xi Po in the factory, the factory workers are outside the set ready to fight back, Zheng Xipo told Chen Yanshi this, Chen Yanshi then call Zhao Donglai. He asked, what, Zhao Dong is certainly a fake police, he immediately sent to catch the current, just hang up the phone side of the fake police withdrew from the factory. False police just left, the end of the petition Cai Chenggong returned to the factory, in the face of angry factory workers, Cai Chenggong explained how they don't just say, let him pay back the money, eventually succeed finally Cai cornered the workers, the workers put him on the ground for a meal, the news very late only to the son and had a long discussion turned Zheng Xipo no longer there, and his son Zheng Shengli continued what Internet and flattering writing, Zheng Xipo rushed to the factory, the CAI successfully rescued, sent to hospital.

Fifth set

Listen to Li Dakang persuade myself tonight will wind mills down, Chen Yanshi directly rejected him, Li Dakang to persuade him to agree, even take Chen Yanshi up, but Chen Yanshi is unmoved, he told Li Dakang in the factory workers because of their legitimate rights and interests of unscrupulous businessmen to be violated, so only by this way the rights, and their many times before to Li Dakang write or call no reply, Li Dakang a promise to Chen Yanshi that he never received his phone calls and letters, Chen Yanshi casually said he was overhead, Li Dakang listened to a face, one side of Qi Tongwei hastened to speak for him to save face. Chen Yanshi looked at two people to pull down tonight so angry that the factory, if removed, from their body pressure in the past, after he left for the demolition site.

Sixth set

Zheng Xipo persuaded Cai Chenggong to active appearance, said Li Dakang promised to give them a lawyer, but Cai successfully felt Li Dakang was yinshechudong, seduce your appearance, they will not be fooled. Li Dakang's meeting open to the end, Li Dakang learned that originally is the landscape of the old staff group is responsible for the wind clothing placement, but later the success of CAI and Gao Xiaoqin signed a compensation agreement, now leads the rights and interests of workers have not been resolved. Remember after the end, Li Dakang held a press conference, he calmly answered the reporter sharp questions, mainly to express their expectations of fairness and justice, that is to tear down the old China, open innovation Chinese, according to Ding Yizhen's problem that the government must have opposing rot, there must escape catch. After the wind plant this a storm, the son of Zheng Xipo Zheng Shengli because in the online rumor, the police came to the door, Zheng Xi Po did not worry about him the way, the police told Zheng Shengli he 3 post more than 500 times, he wanted to catch the police, but Zheng Sheng Lee told the police with a message forwarded over 500 would constitute a crime, the police see no way to scare him, and asked him something else, he had left home. After Zheng Shengli complained of Zheng Xi Po do not care about themselves, their forwarding posts are to the factory workers, Zheng Xipo said to his son soft words.

Seventh set

Qi Tongwei to help Chen Yanshi couple came to visit Ruijin at mealtimes, Sha Sha Ruijin Chen Yanshi couple, see Qi Tongwei mind. Chen Yanshi and Sha Ruijin to discuss the issue of corruption, Chen Yanshi told the truth in all sorts of gale events inside factory. Gao Yuliang and Qi Tongwei discuss, two people suspected that Li Dakang allowed Ding Yizhen to send a secret message. Hou Liang transferred to East Province as the anti corruption Bureau, Cai Chenggong to report his wife Li Dakang accepting huge bribes. Qi Tongwei assist Hou Liangping Cai control successfully, Jingzhou City police also seized Cai Chenggong to beat.

Eighth set

Demolition Company by ministries car posing as police SWAT demolitions, so Chang Chenghu trial. Qi Tongwei took control of Cai Chenggong, did not give it to Jingzhou City police bureau. Sharikin Hou Liangping issued instructions, request to thoroughly investigate all corrupt officials. Frank Ji Changming for help and Secretary Han Dong Han Gang, Hou Liangping learned that he was divided into high ikuyoshi headed by Han gang. Sharikin held the Provincial Standing Committee meeting, Chen Yanshi recall revolution years special experience to join the party at the meeting. Hou Liangping officially joined the anti corruption Bureau, has been under the collective boycott.

Ninth set

Qi Tongwei refused to offend Li Dakang for the future, he will succeed Cai hideout told Zhao Donglai. The Standing Committee meeting to discuss the cadre appointment, Sha Ruijin criticized with Chen Yanshi Qi Tongwei. Li Dakang to expose the Qi Tongwei unbearable high ikuyoshi news, and he subsequently Tongwei Qi to tit for tat, Saudi Ruijin announced a freeze on the promotion of cadres. The land can also be picked up from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Cai success, Zhao Donglai considers a person with intent to seize. Procuratorate after consultation to get a day time trial, but because Cai Chenggong did not see Hou Liangping refused to report.

Tenth set

Lin Huahua and Hou Liangping have dinner, she wants to set Hou Liangping and Lu also. Li Dakang held a government meeting, asked to solve the factory incident as soon as possible. Zheng Xipo will give condolences to the success of CAI burn workers, the workers are required to petition him. Because of the success of CAI refused to cooperate, participate in the trial of Hou Liangping. Cai successfully prosecuted Ouyang Jing together with landscape group cheated wind plant stake, he reported to Hou Liangping Li Dakang's wife Ouyang Jing bribes. Qi Tongwei came to high ikuyoshi thanks, he did not understand Li Dakang for their own reasons.

The name of the people of TV drama series: Thunder download

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