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Tencent wegame game platform computer version of the latest version of the official 3.6.1

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-25
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Tencent wegame game platform computer version of the latest version of the official 3.6.1
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Tencent wegame game platform computer version is Tencent's a domestic steam platform, steam platform to play single certainly is not strange, but for domestic players this platform is not very friendly, regardless of the network or some of the game's follow-up service or operation interface. Now the national service players can download this Tencent wegame game platform computer version to experience the dress players exclusive game platform, this platform offers players the game to buy, gaming community, game information, game assistant services, meet the needs of all players. Lightning bar finishing. Welcome to download!

Introduction of the platform:

The day before the TGP platform has successfully attracted a lot of praise from the game settled, including "famine", "online edition: the city skyline" and "star dewdale Monogatari". After TGP of domestic game player is very concerned about the other work made a survey, including the "Neal era", "Ghost: mechanical action: Wilderness" high popularity of works. It is envisioned that the future will have more games on the TGP, attract more game player to install and use Tencent game platform.

The characteristics of the WeGame platform ("competitive advantage"), including the connection, service and discovery. The service list also mentions the localization, localization, emphasis on quality of social interaction and stability in China, and provides a one-stop shop information, buy, download, assistant, live and community all in one service.

As a domestic international game platform, we certainly hope that WeGame can become bigger and stronger, hope that more international games 3A landing, to provide a stable online experience and finished the game for the domestic game player. But the Tencent to enter the overseas market challenges is hitherto unknown, after all, the current Steam PC largest gaming platform has been popular, but also opened the country area, support the RMB settlement, from time to time a promotional game.

WeGame behind the world's most lucrative gaming company Tencent support, which can be said to be its biggest advantage. May rely on Tencent's financial resources, the acquisition of more game studio let its games landing WeGame platform or not. In addition, even if the acquisition, can also go through business cooperation, agent route.

If you want to challenge ingrained Steam, WeGame platform may take different routes, bring Steam has new features or new features for the game player. In addition Tencent was originally started by social integration, QQ seems to be a good choice, after all, want to go out, first to get a foothold in the domestic market, there is a massive game player support, in order to attract foreign companies settled in the game.

Platform features:

Game management convenient.
The latest and most complete game library.
The speed of high-energy game acceleration.
The powerful game assistant considerate.
The rich and colorful privilege spree.
The mandatory installation of computer housekeeper.

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