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Autodesk 2018 2018.3.2 (R4.2) Chinese cracked version of the installation tutorial

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-02-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Autodesk  2018 2018.3.2 (R4.2) Chinese cracked version of the installation tutorial
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Autodesk 2018 is the official Autodesk launched a free CAM solution plug-ins, integrated 64 bit multi-core processor, can be the tool path of positive and negative material removal simulation, also provides solid modeling, graphic analysis and other functions, lightning bar pro test, welcome to download!

2018 features

1, the launch of the HSMXpress is to designers, engineers, and even senior CNC programmers who display function of CAM integration scheme is very powerful free. The main function of Autodesk including the HSMXpress:

One hundred percent (not cut any set of functions)

2, and the same 64 multi kernel HSM CAM software

The high quality of the tool path 3, industry-leading, mainly used for milling of 2D including rough machining and groove processing, drilling, milling, and contour machining etc.;

4, Support for form tools including ability to automatically import SolidWorks Part Files as Form Tools;

64 bit multi-core processor 5, integrated support, tool path and reversing material removal simulation;

In 6, HSMXpress in the JavaScript post processor system based on 64 bit at the incredible speed of the;

The NC program 7, industry-leading editing CIS, support OPS, backplotter, math file comparison and communication (NC transfer) etc.;

The perfect integration of the 8, and the SolidWorks products (multiple aspects of user interface and workflow), seamless integration with the order management SolidWorks, can easily access all HSMXpress tools and commands;

9, and SolidWorks FeatureManager panel seamless integration, added a new HSM CAMManager tab, can easily organize all machining operations;

10, all CAM processing data stored in your parts (.SLDPRT) or assembly (.SLDASM) file.

2018 installation tutorial

Please refer to the installation guide

The software features

Multiple choice

In the operation of project manager selection support using the Shift and Ctrl keys.

To select consecutive items, click the first item, then press the "down", and then click the last item".

Select the items that are not consecutive, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each item.


You can control the operation of the information which is displayed in the SolidWorks view of the "view" menu item use. You can display the selected operation software tool path through the activation path".

Log message

If the operation manager adds a red cross, that the operation cannot be generated successfully. To view the problem or error description, please click the "operation", and select "display log", which will explain what is wrong.


When you define hsmworks to join, all related to the association model. Therefore, if you change your model, you don't need to define any parameters and choose - they will change in the persistence and reconstruction model. However, when a part of the model is modified by the operation depends on your operation, you will have to rebuild your operation.

When the model changes trigger tool path failure, a symbol of rebirth (i.e. Red Cross) will cover the operation manager and the corresponding path node. If you want to use an invalid path you will be warned, it needs regeneration.

You can update all of your operation, at the same time or separately, depending on your choice of generating Toolpath (all) from the root node of the right menu, or select the tool path generation... From the menu of a single operation path node. Select "Toolpath" menu will be generated from the cam operation to restore all regeneration.

Using the assembly

A part or component in the machining operation to create the storage and the SolidWorks file itself, including the generation of the tool path. The hsmworks data will be kept on file even if it is a system of editing, without adding hsmworks installation. Delete the hsmworks specific data from a part or assembly file, just delete all operations and save the file.

You will notice that the tool path data processing operations may lead to substantial growth in the size of your file. If you want to send documents via email or similar, you may want to clear the tool path data does not need to send files from. Simple operation right click and save the document before (S) clear path selection. The tool path can contain only the parameter file receiving regeneration. The SolidWorks file can also be compressed to reduce its size significantly.

If you don't want to add hsmworks specific data to the design model of your hsmworks data, you can create a separate component and you want to insert machine of the assembly parts, the parts of files from hsmworks add in processing data and tool path will only live in the assembly file together with any additional body (such as reference geometry coordinate system) you may want to define your business.

Metric or imperial units

Add any input parameters in inches or millimeters in support. If a SolidWorks file unit parameter measuring unit to choose the unit will be set for mm or inches. The tool parameters specified in the tool geometry unit.

2018 new features:

- support SolidWorks2010-2017
The user experience is improved, including silhouette sketch, senior notes visualization, default management improvement, Albrecht and Maritool holders library and advanced WCS is defined in the work setting.
- tool path generation for static deformation such as spiral, turning processing, adaptive clearance of stay connected even downgrade, carving strategy, semi automatic chamfering and automatic detection device for maintaining improved adaptive clearance.
- add a postprocessing, including CAMPlete interface, general HaasUMC750, Haas universal milling / back, factory test and general turning SIEMENS Datron.

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