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Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle 18 version 18 professional edition green version download

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  • Update: 2018-12-24
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle 18 version 18 professional edition green version download
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The lightning it brings Pinnacle Studio 18 is a powerful video editing software, through which the user can edit the video material, such as the effect of changing scenes and add subtitles, slow motion, Pinnacle Studio 18 Chinese cracked version also supports export video editing after the lightning, pro test, welcome to download ~

 Pinnacle Studio 18 professional edition

The software features

Video footage : capture video digital video production is an important step, it is also the premise video editing. The DV card and connected, open the software can collect. Before the acquisition, you can choose the function area in the lower right corner collection methods, DV complete quality capture, capture and preview MPEG complete quality capture quality.

Video clip : click the "Edit" button to open the edit interface, where you can add video material, video clips, or delete video. You can also add transitions to technology for video, through transitions can make different stunt scene content together. You can also add special effect for the video itself, "Studio video" tool provides a rich set of plug-in video effects, can be applied to video, can also be applied to the static image.

Subtitling of the film subtitle: can play that role, Studio built-in "Title Editor" is a title for creating and editing graphics and other powerful tools. It provides a broad space rich text sets and images and tools of visual design for your movie, you can also set up on the wording of the motion type, color, shape, shadow and rotation properties, make it with personalized features.

Add Voiceover : in Studio recorded voiceover is like a phone as easy. Just open the "voice" tool, click the "record", and can speak into the microphone. Can you explain when watching a movie, to make the discourse and the screen of your plot. You can also use this tool as a shortcut for making sound effects or music collection environment family from the microphone.

Add background music : Studio9 can be very convenient to import an existing MP3, WAV and AVI audio files, but also can eliminate the material of the original voice. The original audio track included with video clips together capture audio clip, when the acquisition of new, original audio is on the "original audio track". Click the padlock icon on the right side of the main video track "to lock the video track, click the padlock" main audio track "the right to release the audio frequency, and then choose to delete the original audio and audio scene, press the" DEL "button to delete.

Smartsound:Smartsound can create a song, it can be accurate and you need time, that is to say, it can automatically adjust according to the length of the video content, is a very smart to add background music music processing technology.

Correction of digital film defects : the use of the latest Studio repair tool for noise reduction and poor effect of the film repair, its color correction film, video can be used to compensate for incorrect color balance, the principle is similar to the camera "white balance settings". Figure 3. Noise can adjust the old tapes, the stunt will application of noise reduction algorithm, to improve the appearance of the video noise. Effect of DV can reduce the jitter, this trick to minimize the mobile DV jitter and beating. The original noise reducing film, the noise filter can suppress any senior don't want audio clips in the filter, dynamic changes in response to clip noise conditions. Adjust the sound structure of the film, can use the "volume and balance" tools to adjust.

The film production and output : click on the upper interface film making, we produced the film "button to open the interface. The upper left corner is the function button and the settings button on the upper right corner is the player. First of all, making it very simple, click "disk" button, then click the "Settings" button, select "videocd" option to determine, and click "create disc" button, very convenient. In transcoding and burn when we can observe the progress at any time.

Fast making music videos : in the use of Studio SmartMovie tools, as long as you in the hard disk to select the desired video and music, then choose Edit style. It is easy to click, Studio will automatically create a professional editor of the film, the film style and rhythm with subtitles, transitions and effects Goods are available in all varieties.

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