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video creator finished 3.032 cracked version of the latest version of green

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  video creator finished 3.032 cracked version of the latest version of green
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Video Creator animation, graffiti sketches, and dynamic video production software. Just a few minutes to create compelling professional marketing, interpreter and training video! Make amazing professional animation, graffiti sketches, and moving in a few minutes of film! Simply select the object from the library and movement, and with his own video, audio and image combining them. With animation, graffiti sketch, transition and screen whiteboard and full dynamic image striking effect on custom.

  finished version 3.032 the latest version for free

Functional properties

Sketch video
The first video frame sketch, and then make a striking transition to real-time video.

The animation object in motion
Multi step, such as Sprite, including video, animation, mobile animation image and graffiti of all objects.

Import and export international character font
Any language into any TTF in the font. To draw the text or animation with any character.

Dynamic zoom
Set a number of amplification and video, animation, images and graffiti sketch like action. Part of each time series of independent action of the zoom settings.

Sketch animation
The first frame animation, then make a smooth transition to the animation.

Green screen
Create a "green screen" and replace video animation, video broadcast, doogle sketches or images of any color.

Fill text line drawing
Beautifully drawn, beautiful and solid text characters.

Dynamic rotation
Set up a number of rotary motion video, animation, image and sketch like graffiti. Set up a separate action time for each cycle sequence.

Activation installation tutorial

1, software download decompression is completed, click on the Setup (Pre-fixed).Exe to install the software, check the I accept the agreement, click the next button to start the next installation.

2, select the software installation directory.
3, the installation is complete.
4, software installation is complete, click to open the package, copy the VideoCreator.swf patch in the software package.

5, the patch is copied to the software installation directory, click Copy and replace start hacking software.

6, after the completion of crack, click to open the software, enter the activation code, click on the [Active] button to complete the Video Creator Platinum activation, crack.

7, after the completion of crack, re open the software to start the unlimited use, click on language can change the language to Chinese.
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