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Chinese cracked version of the latest free full version of registered machine serial number

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Chinese cracked version of the latest free full version of registered machine serial number
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The lightning Xiaobian bring Chinese version is a very professional 3D modeling software, Chinese cracked version function is very powerful, can directly edit geometric primitives, geometric primitives easily handle local or imported, sketch constraint control pattern simplifies the use of constraint relaxation, make your sketches into shape the process is fast and easy. You can edit your model, direct operation to explore and create the shape of free-form surface model, let Xiaobian recommended strong lightning!!!


new features

1, to create a free shape modeling

Use this flexible modeling approach to explore through direct operation and create a free surface shape model, design process, you can edit the shape of free-form surface created in any state model. When required, can be freely combined with modeling tools for the parametric model of existing editing and modeling operations. Use the "Freeform Match Edge" command to modify a free surface entity, to match the existing geometric model or sketch. The use of free new modeling tools for conceptual modeling operation. Create a blank shape in size and shape is not determined.

2, draft control

Sketch constraint control relaxed mode simplifies the constraints, make your sketches into a modeling process more quickly and easily. The new "Relax Mode" can greatly improve the production efficiency (for constrained geometry). The use of improved display, inference and delete option, to better experience to control constrained entity shape.

3, direct editing of geometric primitives

can now directly edit geometric primitives, geometric primitives easily handle local or imported. At the same time, the mobile support parameters of zoom, rotation and delete import entity model or a local Inventor file. The parameters and characteristics of geometry model to support the rapid and accurate historical changes in the complex; in addition before you re submit the design, to explore the possibility and the parent assembly to design parts. Can use other parts of the geometry (non binding) alignment is currently active parts of geometry.

4, custom Inventor page

The new version of inventor2015 adds a new custom Inventor page, users can now access the common task easily.

5, tutorial and search


Now users only need one click access to tutorials and search.

software features:

is currently working in the best 3D CAD modeling software, with different product configuration, can provide a certain level of functionality, workflow and design to meet your needs.

To improve the work efficiency of old and new users to create a new version of help in parts and engineering drawing process, the Design Efficiency enhancements can help users express design and widely shared model.

In addition to Autodesk Inventor 2015 in the user experience reuse, rapid and accurate model design and smooth workflow continue to strengthen.

The user will see more flexible sketch constraints, drag free, delete; assembly connection support two, reuse structure; drawings can foreshortened annotation etc..

One of the biggest bright spot is: can now be based on T-Spline free surface is created, and the parametric model of seamless connection in the past, greatly enriched the modeling function of Inventor.

API function not content, mainly realizes the developers eager to interface, for example you can import and export assembly BOM configuration file, and with free surface modeling, this version of API has access and delete function.

installation tutorial

1, first of all: inventor2015 now includes 32 bit and 64 bit two versions, and each version has two files, small to 64 as an example to the majority of users on the installation method of registration;

2, Download decompression, two exe files, respectively:

3, install the first, click start;

4, the default extract C:\Autodesk\, please ensure your hard disk with 10G remaining space;

5, install simplified Chinese pop-up interface, the upper right corner, then click the install button;

6, I accept, click next;

7, license type: single. Then enter the inventor2015 sequence and the product key;

8, serial number:





The product key:

208G1 (Standard Edition)

797G1 (Professional Edition)

9, confirm the installation of inventor products, click next;

10, set up the installation path and configuration instructions, small installation by default;

11, installing.Net 4.5 components;

12, continue to install, please wait for a while;

13, inventor2015 has been successfully installed;

14, now restart the system, the configuration changes;

15, now began to crack, the software to open the software, click I agree;

16, we suggest a "trial" and "activation", we choose to activate;

17, a pop-up product application number [506S L8CC J8F1 687D WS21 3EWF 6TZL YSRZ]

18, here to open the registry, copy the application number to register, click "Generate" to get the activation code;

19, then click "pathch" to crack pop "successfull";

20, copy the "activation" box in the activation code to the registration interface can be successfully activated;

21, the software successfully activated, now you can use unlimited free inventor2015;

22, open the software, the interface is as follows:

The requirement of system

Operating system: 32&64 win7\win8\win8.1 system

Cpu:Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon64 3 GHz

Memory: 2GB basic operation, smooth running above 8GB

Graphics: Direct3D 10
Install graphic tutorial crack:


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