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(anti malware) Chinese cracked version

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  • Update: 2018-09-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (anti malware) Chinese cracked version
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anti malware cracked version is created by the Gridinsoft developer's powerful engine, can protect your PC from 24 types of threats. To clean the memory quickly and safely, clean and reset the browser, hourly updates will keep the update. is a very powerful anti malware, need friends quickly under the bar of!


Software introduction

provides high speed scanning system. Your system is not slow in active mode. The program is user friendly and simple interface, and defeat malware in a few clicks, rather than the long boring manual process. Update the database to protect your PC from Trojans and other malicious software application intrusion, hourly updates will keep the update.



Created by the Gridinsoft developer's powerful engine, can protect your PC from 24 types of threats.

Memory clean before scanning technology

Remove all threats PC memory in the first step is to clean the computer

Clean up and reset the browser

We included built-in tools to identify and remove the threat into the browser (or several)

Hidden safety

We provide a technology based on the Trojan Killer special edition, can be released through our software to prevent virus

The connection of clean technology

This means that you can use the Trojan Killer portable version [], can be installed without the use of any convenient USB equipment to scan and clean the infected computer


We know that you need to use the Trojan Killer [] as a portable version of any PC emergency kit, which is why it is necessary to update it at any convenient time

Active feedback technology

Thank you for your feedback, each time you contact our support, you can improve our experience and productivity. We need you to report to produce more powerful protection
version is a powerful anti malware solution. GridinSoft anti malware for Windows PC on various threats, including malicious software, adware and PUP.  Heal your computer and protect your privacy and security!  Just a few clicks to defeat the virus, without the need for long time and boring manual procedures, and at any time when necessary safety expert help. The use of safe and fast Automatically delete the virus, bots, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, threats and rootkit software development, without the need to manually edit the file or registry system. This excellent removal tool has great function, without any chance of malicious software. GridinSoft anti malware also fixes to modify the system introduced by malicious software, and unfortunately, they are often some of the popular anti-virus scanner to ignore. The program will scan all loaded at startup adware, spyware, remote access Trojans, worms and other malware Internet files. GridinSoft anti malware provides high-speed scanning system. Active mode system will not slow down. The program is user friendly and simple interface, and defeat malware in a few clicks, rather than a long time boring manual procedures. Update the database can protect your PC from Trojans and other malware attacks. Each update will update the GridinSoft every time you need anti malware. This small series with the latest version of crack, including crack patch and installation tutorial crack, need friends not to miss.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station to download and install the software
2, the Patch-GridinSoft.Anti-Malware.3.2.x.exe patch is copied to the software installation directory, double-click to run, click the patch button

3, the successful operation of software crack
A set Chinese
After running the software, as shown, Chinese interface settings

Use help

1, Update

The basic premise is the highest level of security provided by GridinSoft anti malware software update system regularly. The update module ensures that the program is always in the latest status. This by two ways - through update the virus signature database and update the application itself. The current update state information by clicking the "update" tab to find. The information window contains some details, such as the date and time of the last successful update.
Once the GridinSoft anti malware successful launch, the program will automatically update the schedule (if your PC can access Internet). This is to see you start to automatically update the signature program state screenshot:
After the successful completion of the update process, you need to click "OK" button. After the scanning process will begin.
However, you can always click the "update" tab, you will be able to find relevant information in the current database. If you want to manually update the software, please select "run the update button and click it. The update process will begin.
You can find updated updated settings in the Settings tab - > part:
If you want to update the database when the program starts, please select "start" option;
If you want to update the database once per hour (this is the recommended choice), please select "per hour" option;
If you want the database is updated once a day, please select the "everyday" option;
If you want to update the database before the beginning of each scan, please select "before each scan" option.
2, scan type
There are several types available. Fast scanning fast scanning system, without further configuration of scanning parameters. The key part of its inspection system. Full scan will check all the computer hard disk and the existence of a threat. By selecting the movable scan button, you can scan all removable disk into the computer (flash drive, memory stick). Custom scan allows the user to select any particular folder - please use it to scan your external hard drive. In the custom scan can choose different scan options. For example, you can also scan ActiveX components, services, expansion and start to see if there are other available infection.
3, start scanning
The update process is completed, the scanning will start automatically. Scanning occurs, you will see the following picture:
During the program will scan report to you on your computer to detect various types of malicious software and infection. After the scan is complete, the program will display the report and select Delete the detected items. However, you can press "scan" tab repeated scanning. By the way, you can at any time by clicking on the pause button or select the stop button to stop the termination of scanning. Answer "in the confirmation message is" after the scan will be canceled. Again, after the scan is complete, GridinSoft anti malware will display can repair the list of threats (in case detection)
4, delete the infected project
Scanning successfully completed, please ensure that click immediately repair "button. This will remove all detected threats in the use of the GridinSoft Anti Malware Scan period.
The following is the process of virus removal. Once the item is removed, click on the window closed "congratulations".
GridinSoft anti malware will arrange complete removal process report success. The "OK" button and click on the window, remove the return to the main window.
However, in some cases, the system may require you to restart your computer and run the scan again. If this is the case, please take corresponding measures.
5, reset your browser settings

There are some malicious software programs will modify your browser settings to redirect and other related problems. In addition, the main browser home page, search page and start preferences may be modified again, in order to redirect the user to the other does not need. In order to get these settings back to normal mode, please click the tools menu, and then select the "reset browser settings" option.
Reset the HOST file
Each computer has a dedicated HOST file to storage. In some cases, this file can be used to speed up your visit more frequently visited web pages. However, sometimes this file is malware abuse. If this is the case, you may need to try to reset the HOST file is options, click the tools menu, click Reset browser settings and select "HOSTS file".
Be careful:
Windows HOSTS file is a text file storage site address. The file can be used to speed up access to your frequently visited sites through the website names (such as and the DNS address are equal, Web browser can quickly find the website, because it does not have to query DNS. The server。
Some malicious software program will add entries to the file, to deny access to websites (usually related to safety or anti Virus Inc website), or deny access to their preferred sites.
"There should be only one for hosts: Windows XP in localhost and Windows Vista in localhost:: 1. If there are more, then delete them and save changes. Read more information about the Windows host file here:
The information collection system
With this option, we can analyze the actual state of computer virus vulnerability, persistence of any particular malware on your computer program, and make some changes to our anti virus database, to help you get rid of a specific virus (even the latest). May we ask you to generate special documents about the security state of the system for our analysis. In order to generate it, please go to the tools menu and select information collection system". Generate reports, please save it to a folder on your computer (Click Save to file... "Button), and the customer support ticket system https:// support-antimalware to send it to our analysis. Com (by creating a new ticket). Please do not create more tickets, and to keep up with the updated tickets you have created the problem.

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