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11 SP2.0 Chinese cracked version of 64

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  • Update: 2018-11-06
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  11 SP2.0 Chinese crack version 64
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11.0 is for the cracked version has yet to solve the data conversion problem, it can be automatically converted and re using the original data. It can be found that the geometric problem is inconsistent, confusion, ready to accept either course, engineers can see the phenomenon of the problem, and can be repaired by . supports automatic conversion in the way possible, in an automatic way can not completely solve the problem under the condition of also provides interactive visualization tools to diagnose and repair. This way and other "black box" type converter (PARASOLID-ACIS) or IGES and STEP contrast, other converters cannot tell engineers on hand data have what problem, but can. This can save a lot of time and money.

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Function introduction:

provides automatic, semiautomatic tools for user classification type, through the five level processing way to deal with the model data, each level of processing automatic "Wizard" can be used to deal with the user, can also be used to deal with interactive tools. When the automatic "Wizard" approach possible, also provides a batch tool to deal with a large amount of data model.

offers a variety of input and output format: ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, STL, VDAFS, CATIA, CADDS5, ANSYS (report), Pro/Engineer PART, NX PART and so on, in order to facilitate the user, also provides CAE model tools, model transformation tools, CAM application tools.

new function

CADFIX remove barriers to prevent reuse solid model provides an extensive set of geometric operations through the introduction of CAD/CAM/CAE data recovery tools, export data in the most appropriate form in the downstream system reuse.
Through a user friendly interface wizard, geometry repair and the preparation process to ensure the detection and repair of a series of CAD geometric problems, correctly define the model and provide the appropriate seasoning for downstream applications. CADFIX also provides de and CAE analysis with business users who need the automation in addition to a very popular operation model (i.e., join or short side and small faces, the collapse of removal of fillet and round, removing holes, etc.).
CADFIX packaged as desktop or server solutions, end user extensible and modular function depends on the source and target system. The application can be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools. CADFIX also acts as a pre processor customized geometric transformation, repair, de characteristics and meshing tools of proprietary application, OEM CAE center.
Computer aided translation, repair and repair
CADFIX offers many advantages, healing and repair:
A plurality of CAD import
Batch processing
Intelligent model of quality diagnosis and repair
Automatic processing Wizard
The user control model geometry
Interactive repair tool
- multiple exit CAD/CAE
CADFIX workflow can accommodate the novice and experienced users occasionally. The need for manual intervention translation and repair can be completed with minimal effort:
- diagnosis results with a clear and understandable language explanation.
The problem of color encoding according to the severity of.
- the user by selecting the solution guide
In each model diagnosis after repair will be automatically updated.
Computer aided design
Analysis of CADFIX before CAE analysis of automatic and interactive repair ability and CAD geometric transformation. guarantees the entity or surface model robust effectively translated into the target system. CADFIX pretreatment of CAD data from local and neutral format to provide a full range of import and export functions.
The main driver of finite element model, CFD, EM
With the shorten product design cycle, emphasizing the simulation tools to provide timely results to drive design is greater than ever before. This pressure determines the finite element analysis of EM and CFD, is liberated from the main model in CAD data. CAD provides a geometric figure, but still spend a large amount of analysis time on the geometry for the analysis.
Geometry exchange CADFIX is uniquely positioned in CAD CAE to read and write data streams of multiple geometric format ability, repair and healing of poor quality, the geometric features and simplify the complex geometry definition. Finally, CAE analysts began to provide a more robust geometric definition for analysis of their needs.

Crack installation methods

1. in the first station to download software, and then double-click the file after decompression, decompression of the "800_DX_nt.exe" installation. The following diagram

2. double click will pop up the following installation procedure. Click "Next" to continue. The following diagram

3. and then choose the path to install suddenly. You can use the default, then click "Next" to continue. The following diagram (such as the need to replace the path and click on the "Change" installation path can not Chinese.) .

4. and then continue to click "NEXT".

5. then choose the language installed. Because there is no Chinese version can only choose "Enginsh" installation. Then click "Next" to continue. The following diagram

6. click "Next" to continue. The following diagram

7. then the software installation is complete, select the need to restart the computer. Select "No I Will. Restart... (not restart)". Click "fish" to complete the software installation.

Install the crack tutorial:

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