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SpeedTree Modeler 8.2.1 Cinema Edition Chinese cracked version

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  • Update: 2018-12-10
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 SpeedTree Modeler 8.2.1 Cinema Edition Chinese cracked version
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Speedtree is a real-time modeling tool plant trees professional, not only can be imported into the trees using three-dimensional modeling software in other plug-ins, can also provide strong support for the Treebank game engine, has become the famous game engine Unreal's software into the trees. At present, the queen has become a famous tree creating software game engine Unreal. SpeedTree because of its real-time geometry modeling technology in the game industry is famous, and because the leaves of the production has become a major tool for the film and television industry. Although the procedure of film and broadcasting industry and it is a new brand, but the tools in the game industry has been used repeatedly, which can produce a variety of rich mature function. SpeedTree is considered to be the Afandazhongbuke film or a lack of tools. Need friends not to miss

New features

The PBR workflow and rendering. Support for non destructive material editing, allows the artist to adjust the texture.
A new kind of 152 model library, from seedling to towering forest model, including 3D surface texture scanning PBR. The model file of each individual (SPM) comprises a plurality of polygonal resolution and adjustable seasonal variation.
Greatly improve the output pipeline. The output run faster and use less memory. Other improvements include udim support, layered output, and better bone, weight, and material combination.
The new leaves batching system. In the SpeedTree version of the 7 blade modeling rendering speeds up to 1000 times. This innovation has greatly accelerated the process of modeling, creating a more complex model and support.
Realism leap wind. 8 more than ever to capture the complex nature of wind power between the leaves and branches. The overhaul system has the realistic effect of the wind rolling, easy adjustment, and includes a new wind wizard.
Many other improvements.
New in version 8.1.0:
new function
Better support for high resolution display
The "zoom display" has been added to the application preferences. Use this option to increase the font, icon, scroll bar, window indicator and other elements of the GUI size.
Arnold support
Introduction of SpeedTree model, 3ds Max and Maya script into devices now support the creation of Arnold material.
Render support
Introduction of SpeedTree model, Maya now supports the importer script to create Renderman material.
Bug repair
Node edit undo
- the "undo" operation eliminates all node edit node editing, not just the last edit. This has been corrected.
Split collapse
In the welding branch to the parent use split may lead to collapse or waste geometry. This bug has been repaired.
The only other people crash
In the collision process, the use of this kind of collision style leaves can no longer be eliminated branch.
The wind leaves lead to disappear
- fixed wind system for blade strength is greater than 1 due to the defects of blade disappeared.
Double click the zoom on
This change the position of the camera technology is now available in "trackball" navigation mode and the "standard" work.
The water tank welding branch"
Mixed area does not sink, but the branch is. Two elements are now correctly sinking
Shell UV error
- no end in accurate length of shells show UV coordinate stretching in the last paragraph. This behavior has been corrected.
The decline in assets highlight index
Around the drop target spot has been restored.
FBX file and 3ds Max are not compatible
- used to create 3ds Max 2015 compatible FBX file export dialog options on the add.
The rotation of the fan handle
The handle now highlighted, as you move the mouse on top of them (as in other applications such as manipulator handle).
The shadow of prejudice
- repair defects caused by the geometry and the shadow of a larger gap between the.
As an extension of the leaves
As the expansion leaves geometry generation may occasionally placed in the origin while the terminal is not the parent. This error has been corrected.
Open a dialog box to collapse in Linux
SpeedTree - the open dialog box may lead to display grid preview failed. It has been repaired.


- fully integrated Amazon "wood" engine
The material flow and rendering full physics based
Texture - New 3D surface physics based 8K scanning resolution
The new technology, modeling and low precision engraving branch
- automatic color rendering, built-in wind algorithm
The new art Manager

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