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Multi engine download tool 2018.11.05 green version of the official

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Multi engine  download tool 2018.11.05 green version of the official
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is a super fast download speed multi engine download tool, the software adopts the thunder download engine, BT engine, Aria2 (end temporarily enabled), support download protocol: HTTP, FTP, BT, Magnet (eMule is currently unable to achieve in the future, SkyDrive and other analytical support to download, support custom mount) the program has integrated plug-in, a Baidu SkyDrive share the link to download the plugin. Small pro test The program supports all kinds of small green free download, also need to come to download collection!
 XunLei, Aria2, DLHTTP, DLBT, EXDUI, the amount of the BT kernel development package, download engine source code, the fastest multi engine download tools, free download tools,  download,  bottom edge broadcast, free download, free download artifact weapon, reliable software download, multi thread download tools, download the fastest download tool xiazaiyanshi Xunleixiazyanshi


Functional characteristics

-Plugin (plugin directory)
-xunlei (Thunder engine)
-Baidu_PlugIn.dll (Baidu analysis)

1, see the following program native plug-in download the plugin
2, do not want to use a plugin to delete the Plugin directory of the plug-in, or do not want to use the plug-in can directly delete the Plugin directory
3, when the thunder plug-ins directory will give priority to the use of thunder engine, the upper right corner of the main menu software can switch the engine, some tasks cannot be downloaded can also try to switch (switch engine task to manually delete reconstruction)
4, WinXP software users will default to the number of concurrent connection limit adjusted to 2048
5, the user can write plug-ins

The plug-in structure:
Plug_Int (return text type: plug-in specific subroutine name, multiple newline)
-Pointer (the program will transfer an extended _ external download interface pointer)
Plug_Getinfo (return text type: plug-in information, the first act of the plug-in name 2 behavior, plug-in version)

External download interface:
The file name (required)
Download address (required)


1. download information update slow.
2. masked and download task limit function
3. masked download complete automatic shutdown or standby function
(some people may appear card and other issues before the stability of the software of multi task test after the shield)
The first use of 1. software to download the default disk no longer select automatic switching engine
2. repair drop seeds, seed file is 2 not triggering the download problem
1. no server software will prompt information at the bottom of the bird, to prevent no thread server causes software startup and switching option on the left-hand side of the card
1. repair dial cannot download problem

The 2. part of the problem with early repair decoding can not get the file name
1. repair detection does not support more than 1T of hard disk space
1. to strengthen the analysis of success rate
2. to speed up the parsing speed
3. can analyze the movie resources

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