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(serial monitoring wizard) v10.0 official version

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  • Update: 2018-11-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (serial monitoring wizard) v10.0 official version
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serial port monitor Wizard Is a can be used for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 port monitoring system utility software, it can monitor and display all the serial port activity recording and analysis system, interception, interception, recording and analysis of serial communication protocols, allowing you to process and details of the application of serial port operation, and provides a filtering and search export data, and powerful data interception function, you can specify the port data flow and control flow information is intercepted and preserved. Very powerful, need friends not to miss!

The new function of software

1, a new virtual serial port monitor, can not change the original 3.0 virtual serial port monitor;
2, DLL driver, not the global processes HOOK, only HOOK of the specified process;
3, prepared using pure API all the new monitoring module, high security and stability;
4, don't take the serial port (COM port), only the intercept of the relevant API;
5, can be opened in the serial monitor, a change in some monitoring software can only open the front control;
6, to capture the serial port (COM port) to open, read and write data, close operation, and can also monitor up to 255 serial port of the specified process;
7, you can directly drag the window icon to capture the target process window selection process;
8, the software is free, without any functional limitations, easy download open to run, do not have to install;
9, may and Kabasiji or other anti-virus software conflicts, Kabasiji will intercept the serial port monitoring wizard HOOK API thread injection process, if the use of this problem please close Kabasiji, or the serial port monitoring wizard to trust list of Kabasiji, Kabasiji added: how to open, click the "Settings" - "protection. Abstract: - - active protection, program integrity protection: -" set: - the key procedures in addition to serial monitoring wizard. Don't HOOK on independent process;
10, provide the SDK two interface DEMO, DLL file location: SDK two interface \bin\PMonitorComm.dll

The use of method

1, open the monitor
Open the monitor, it will automatically scan the system with serial devices (including virtual, USB serial port, serial port, standard) if there is no serial device, it will automatically prompt no serial device, instead of the current boot monitor.
When the system can use the serial port, then try to load the kernel driver serial serial device to monitor the binding.

2, the view shows the list view:
All the current IRP data package, list view, data for the display of the HEX/ASCII code. The header includes: IRP_MJ FUNCTION, the target process (PID), COM, data length and data.
The ASCII view:
The current IRP_MJ_WRITE/IRP_MJ_READ data view, divided into ASCII code display. The data include: the target process, COM number, name, data length, data MJ.
The DUMP view:
The current IRP_MJ_WRITE/IRP_MJ_READ data view, divided into HEX/ASCII code display. The data include: the target process, COM number, name, data length, data MJ.
The IOCTL view
The current IOCTLs filter data in this view; including the target process, COM, IOCTLs, data.

3, serial / filter list
On one or more serial monitoring: if you need to monitor the serial port, can play on the front side, or vice versa
The serial list view group, will automatically sense the hardware PNP serial function plug (virtual or USB serial). When the (virtual or USB serial) install / uninstall completed automatically processing monitoring the current state, if this is a new installation, serial port, kernel driver will automatically bind; if it is unloaded, the kernel driver will automatically uninstall bind.

4, search data
The open [Edit] [] [| menu - > find find next]
The following diagram [tool] - > [find] view

5, IOCTLs filter
The open [filter settings].
The operation button [], including select all clear all, [] [] the inverse filter view options.

6, choose the font
[font] button, when you press the button to change the font, list view, ASCII, DUMP view font.

7, the choice of language
Open [view] menu - > [Language], a simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English

Update log

serial port monitor wizard 8.0 update:
1, upgrade the kernel driver, SDK support system boot loader drive control;
The feedback part of the user 2, repair windows7 system on Bug;
3, modify the Key serial port and serial port of call from two parameters;
4, increase support for 64 bit operating system driver signature, Win10 system EV driver code signature;
5, OCX SDK also supports a number of serial port monitoring increased;
6, increase of COM Serial Over IP (TCP/UDP) function of the serial data forwarding network.
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