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Netease Mumu simulator (Netease simulator) v2.0.30 latest official version containing free upgrade patch file

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 NetEase (NetEase Mumu simulator simulator) v2.0.30 latest official version containing free upgrade patch file
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NetEase Mumu simulator is a NetEase launched by the official Android game simulator, can play Mobile Games and other wayward NetEase Android game on the computer, electricity, hang cool, provincial traffic, large screen! The resolution of their design, custom, a screenshot key key boss key etc.. Lightning small brought the Android version of PC simulator tool, Android 6, love is to download it!

NetEase Mumu simulator features

Power, hang cool, provincial traffic, large screen!

Mobile Games 90% compatible with the mainstream market


Compatible with mainstream AMD/inter processor

The resolution of their design, custom, a screenshot key key boss key etc..

NetEase Mumu simulator APK download installation instructions

The Internet to download APK computer

Installation 1: APK directly into the NetEase Mumu direct installation

Installation mode 2: click the APK file to install

Android APK installation package, does not support the installation of IOS package

Now the MuMu simulator of this goods have what characteristics?

0, the new version of the engine can run with exclusive chicken Mobile Games:
Millet shootout, Terminator 2: judgment day, other simulator run!

1, pure advertising, more open support split screen function!

As Android simulator is now too much, almost every piece of advertising, some even after the closure of the service process or the presence of background is very disgusting. MuMu simulator, real pure low advertising configuration, although the function is single, but the proportion of small memory, low performance requirements, suitable for low matching machine, with significantly more than other simulator smooth, all kinds of slag on the computer can run smoothly, can run.

It seems Android open is the standard simulator? Even a lot of mobile phone are introduced before the split screen function, MuMu simulator users say more convenient, now a split screen multitasking finally come, now MuMu split screen function should be more open to other resources at least the simulator is not wrong!

The function of multi window screen can experience, while more open up play Mobile Games playing at the same time, a few numbers, users will be divided into a plurality of window screen. Worthy of praise is the point, in my low with the old machine, the process of split screen operation is very smooth, no Caton multiple split screen switching or application crash phenomenon. MuMu is the Android simulator I used among the most clean, resources are less than other simulator.

2, a loudspeaker (exclusive): "king of glory" fast propaganda number is limited, it is difficult to do his command, "launched a propaganda function, can edit their own Freestyle in the menu bar, eliminates the trouble of typing, cross flow (Dui) (Ma) to make more convenient!

3, jungler countdown (exclusive): for junglers, seize the wild resources is equal to win, MuMu simulator launched "jungler countdown" function, can be directly displayed on the map in the small critters in the view of the refresh time, to help better manage resources in the wild game player. In addition, according to the enemy creeps refresh time to catch a single attack, catch a quasi!


[MuMu] version: 1.5.2 version of Mac simulator
1, the simulator application center revision, the new interface and upgrade experience;
2, repair simulator coverage after installation, may lead to the loss of APP problem;
3, sound optimization problems caton;
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