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MAGIX 2018 Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-02-13
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 MAGIX  2018 Chinese cracked version
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MAGIX is a luxury electronic album a powerful tool to use , you can create a slideshow of entertainment of the most beautiful photos and video clips. At any time, resolution up to Ultra HD, to create a stunning video from the photo. The charming slide show your family and friends, and on television, once you experience the most memorable moment of intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer. Software built-in mass transitions, video effects, text effects and a variety of templates to easily achieve your creativity, create electronic photo album gorgeous!

Software introduction

MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe 2018 makes you the most dynamic way of photos and videos. You will enjoy a variety of unique design options, each slide will get the biggest, also in full HD, 4K and 3D. It makes your photos to a new life. In addition, you can be in HD, 4K and 3D are used in your own words, music and spectacular effects, if you don't have time to start creating slides from scratch, you can simply from many professional style and choose a template, and automatic slide producers will be responsible for other parts. Reduce the activation of GPU hardware acceleration and dynamic resolution to display your slides, a lot more smoothly. The access speed of 5 times, edit and smooth playback of images in the preview monitor.

MAGIX 2018 new features

Now the preview speed 5 times

The activation of Photostory GPU hardware acceleration, dynamic resolution reduction, the slide show more smoothly. The image in the preview monitor can quickly edit 5 times and smoother image playback.

The lens reflection and color effect

Professional photo image with professional appearance. Now included in the Photostory: from the special effect lens reflex is the most popular, to achieve a realistic appearance and color effect. Let each photograph is the one and only.

Extensible collection effect

You are still waiting for the best slides were made. More than 1500 kinds of effect is easier than ever. A large, clear results allow real creative freedom. Most importantly, the new integrated store contains regularly updated, let your slides take on an altogether new aspect.

Photo or reality?

Access to the converted completely smooth, thanks to more than 16 million 700 thousand times the shadow color. The color of light, and add more depth to the light shadow region. The audience will see their position in the middle of the event. Seeing is believing: 16 dark support.

Optimization: Photostory Wizard

The wizard is an excellent tool in terms of performance. It can make faster and can automatically import photos, create impressive slideshow.

Full screen editing

A new image enhancement function in fullscreen mode is Photostory user's favorite. You can now use it in the main interface in the absence of Photostory Wizard case.

Cloud service

The photos are becoming more and more popular in the cloud security. We redesigned the Import dialog box, in order to more clearly layout and easier access to the Google drive and other cloud services.

The software features

All the camera formats, including HEVC
- support the new 4K resolution
- 8 configurable photos, video and music
Edit - 360 degrees to create a panoramic camera and montage
- perfect image stabilization with prodad Mcari V2
Automatic optimization of image -
- amazing title and edit the template
Dream - effect, decorative elements, music and more
- the travel route and convenient animation
4K 3D high resolution and output quality
Slide - TV, computer and network, Blu ray, projector and mobile devices
- create slides automatically
Integrated video - video clip editing
HDR effect
Detailed travel route animation
- professional film template
Extensive color correction
- art photo collage
Zoom and Pan - Custom
- powerful audio dubbing (such as image change rhythm)
The effect of dynamic change
No need to touch the mouse - Elements
Operating system support: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64).
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