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(music player) 0.6.2 Green Edition

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  • Update: 2018-11-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (music player) 0.6.2 Green Edition
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is a technology based on the chrome music player, we know by Google technology as the backing and the characteristics of open source, can be said that the function of chrome now is not limited to the scope of the browser, we bring the chrome technology is developed based on the, The volume of 36M , because in that foundation, so this volume is behoove, recommend the use of the 64 bit windows operating system Windows 7 and later, because the software does not provide a 32 bit version, the default is English interface.

Functional characteristics

The use of is very simple, you just need to take care of music files into the interface, or click on the [+], add music folder, click the play button to play.

Of course, the player interface layout and we often use Netease cloud music, QQ music is very similar, the operation rises handy, but only playlist and playback control area.

If you really pay attention to a software for system resource consumption, so may not be suitable for you, when you open the task manager, you will find such a small local music player uses a multi process, you may use the 150M runtime memory.

If your computer configuration is high, especially when the memory is very abundant, so the system resource consumption problems can be ignored.

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