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Adobe 2018 v1.1.1.0 Chinese cracked version containing patch

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  • Update: 2018-05-15
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  2018 v1.1.1.0 Chinese cracked version containing patch
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Adobe 2018 Chinese crack version Is a professional launched by the Adobe 3D modeling software, the graphic designer can create vivid images and high quality 3D. 2D and 3D create asset lens composite products, display scenes and abstract art. supports 2D and 3D design tools, with the modernization of the interface is easy to use, allowing you to easily synthesize realistic image.

Functional characteristics

Adobe 2018 (before Felix) 3D image that graphic designers can easily create high quality real photos. The synthesis of 2D and 3D assets, for the construction of product lens, scene visualization and abstract art.
You have been thinking in 3D. Now in its design.
No 3D experience? That's all right. With Dimension, no steep learning curve or complex work flow.
The new view of product lens.
In the real environment visual product lens, packaging design and brand publicity materials. The logo or vector graphics and drop into the 3D model, to view your ideas in real life. Use the camera tool to move around an object, you can see from all angles of graphics.
Get shot. Skip the shooting.
From the background image - Adobe Stock Adobe Photoshop CC and 3D drag model without reserve size. Selection of material, texture and background. Automatic size, lighting, perspective, shadow, and more picture perfect lens. The scene is derived for the layer, so as to further complete your work in Photoshop.
Add dimension to your art.
The creation of digital image accompanied by unique editorial design, storyboards, or create their own original art and realistic 3D effect. Dimension opened the world of 3D design for a variety of digital artists.
Figure 3D placement
The logo or graphical drag and drop to the 3D model, to view your ideas in real life appearance. Try a different layout when you move the graphics, it will maintain the same angle model and direction.
Automatic image matching
Choose your background image size, automatically set light, camera angle, aspect ratio, in order to make your body perfect matching. When you select the outdoor image, the size will detect the direction and intensity of the sun, and accordingly brighten your objects.
Familiar with the tools and shortcuts
The use of similar to other Adobe Creative Cloud applications (such as Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC) interface smoothly. Familiar with the interaction including file organization, color picker, drag and drop, select target etc..
Multilayer PSD presentation
Get rich layer in the PSD export, provide more functions and control for post processing of 3D composite materials. For example, easily replace the background image, change the light or re colored objects without re rendering.
Material edit control
The use of offset printing, rotation and slicing options to control the material texture and appearance of the position. For example, the adjustment of the texture direction of wooden objects to obtain the desired visual effect.
The shadow and reflection adjustment
Edit the horizon attribute you to adjust the reflections and shadows.
Adobe stock assets
Access has been optimized for Dimension hundreds of free Adobe Stock resources can be accessed within the application. Use the 3D model to the tens of thousands of lights and materials, custom scene.
Real time rendering
Dimension will display the final rendering effect, in order to obtain the desired appearance before rendering. Play and try different materials, lighting, and more, see what you look like.
Application Guide
Fast learning basic knowledge and the benefits of using 3D. Understand the different tools in Dimension without leaving the application case. The related surface information, when you need it.
The camera view bookmarks
Save a specific camera position and angle. In the design of the scene, you can set a default view can easily return.
Camera depth of field control
Focus control camera settings, to simulate the realistic effect of the fuzzy.
V-Ray photo realistic rendering
The world leader in Chaos Group Dimension technology and computer graphics, the V-Ray engine is integrated into the highest quality photo rendering its industry leading in.

2018 crack installation tutorial

1, Download extract, extract the 2018 installation package, run the "Set-up.exe" account login account for the installation is complete, you can register for free

2, then open the Character Animator CC software version 20182018 registration machine, without modification, click on "Install"

3, find the installation directory, click open to "amtlib.dll"

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