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2018 v1.3.2.2677 latest version of crack

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-01
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  2018 v1.3.2.2677 latest version of crack
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2018 Chinese cracked version is a good image processing software from the latest release of Macphun, there is a strong function (similar to LightRoom, but also can use the software layer), the official propaganda in addition to perfect RAW support, can also get layers and custom textures, brushes and mask (including automatic brightness, and radial gradient mask pixel perfect), noise reduction, repair tools, cutting and transform, bottom history panel, will adjust, variety of professional photo effects and tools integrated in a package. It brings a layer, photometric mask, and the radial gradient histogram, shielding, mixed mode, brush, selective editing color mixer, split tone and more. Need a friend to download it immediately

2018 features

Create stunning photos

won the amazing images with the original engine improved 2018. Using the lens correction rent transform tool to eliminate defects. The use of smart filter lookup table to rent preset style rent increase. The organization management module with digital assets Kan new photos. With stunning pictures to make an impression.

The new intelligent filter: enhanced, perfect, incentive

We simplify our photo filter, and not let your head hang full menu filter, so you can get the best effect with the least effort. These new non destructive filters are Handmade, to help you solve the difficult problem of photo editing, and create beautiful photos.

The new filter

These tools to simulate traditional technology darkroom photographers use, you can use the rent to dodge burn light shadow rent photo lossless extraction.

Tone conversion

This filter allows you to scroll colors in the photo, in order to change subtle or dramatic. A perfect elimination of unwanted color tones, and a big adjustment is the perfect dramatic style.

Use this response lossless filter, add rich color and warmth to any magical scene. Or, you can also use a negative value to dilute the image, to obtain a more subtle appearance.

The lens and lens defect correction and conversion tools

In order to solve the defects caused by the camera or lens, 2018 can easily eliminate the most troublesome problem. The lens correction tool can easily repair all kinds of lens distortion, the lens of pillow to rent rent chromatic vignetting. The use of "perspective correction" function you can image and illustrate the three-dimensional rotation, to compensate for poor or limited shooting angle.

From each of the original file, get the maximum benefit

Shooting RAW means that your camera to capture more detail and color tone. 2018 brings the new RAW engine, and will open your file 200% faster! Add your photos will be better to better color processing, faster quieting rent smart sharpen.

Take your Adobe plugin

Has invested in other Ad0be plug-ins? F official with 2018, you can run the existing

Photoshop plug-in, to get more choice and control.

Performance improvements to your favorite tools

With the new 2018, the best will become better. We review the Lummar 2017 most popular photographic filters, including the structure, double color, high profile image of shell color, split rent micro structure. With higher color fidelity rent control for each pixel more accurate color rent for faster editing you can.

Update log

1, support Photoshop smart objects and actions.

2, improved batch processing.

3, increase the crop angle and sensitivity.

4, improve the temperature of tool.

5, using the filters to increase the speed of.

6, image rotation tool.

7 RAW, the processing speed.

The software features

Adaptive interface, motivate you to do more

Although other photo editor allows you to adapt to their own interface, to your skill level. If you want to remove from the object or the application of Presupposition in the image, there is no need to face dozens of slider. But if you need to perform some serious tasks, you can easily access all of the advanced features.

Powerful tool that allows you to do more.

allows you to remove unwanted objects, color and digital noise. It can help you polish the skin, revealing your photos hidden details. It has a mixed model, texture coverage and powerful image masking. Easily edit the upper part and the lower part of the image, without any choice. There are so many!

The most advanced in the dark, you design your own.

The workspace display only certain types of photographs of the most important photo filter. Enjoy the default work area and the effect of the landscape, portrait, streets and the black and white image. According to your preferences or create your own.

A new method of photo editing.

will be a variety of professional photo effects and tools integrated in a package. It brings a layer, photometric mask, and the radial gradient histogram, shielding, mixed mode, brush, selective editing color mixer, split tone and more.

Fast raw file support

Dozens of Photo Filters

The default results immediately


Mixed mode

Custom texture

work area

Adaptive UI

The history menu

Black and white photo tool

noise reduction

Delete the object

Face modification

Leaves enhancer

Grain engine

Polarizing filter

Cut and transform

Edit brush

Screen brightness


structural morphology


Double color

Foggy Area

The radial gradient and masking

Clarity, detail, structure

Soft light and focus

Orton effect


And more


2018 has several new features and improvements, can help you to create a good image in a shorter time.
User interface / performance
A new fast cover preset button
The new filter: expand / collapse mode
Improvement: update the working space to improve efficiency
Improved user interface: the adaptability of innovation, and skills based on user demand
Improved RAW image processing speed is increased by 4 times
Improvement: the masking performance increased by 2 times
Improved speed: more than 150%
New development: special original filter
The new layer in the new brush mode
The new sun light filter
New map: LUT filter
New: Dodge and burn filter
New: Hue shift filter
The new sub light filter
New brilliance: warm / filter
New: lens correction tool
New: Transform Tool
New: Free Transform Tool
New image: flip and rotate
New: real-time noise reduction
Improved: RAW file processing (more accurately display color and reduce noise in the shadow / light show more details)
Improvement: cutting tools
Improved: the use of advanced mask filter
Improved: Two Tone advanced
Improvement: Senior cross processing
Improvement: advanced radiation image
Improvement: Advanced Micro Structure
Improvement: Advanced tuning division
Improved: advanced structure
Open / plugins / export
New: support for other Macphun applications as a plugin
New: Apple HEIF file support
Improved: Native RAW file support, including DNG better
Improved export: sharpening

Crack method

1, first run the installation program, not after the completion of installation and operation

2, the patch.exe files are copied to the program installation directory, run patch.exe, complete break

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