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is a professional tool for fluid dynamics analysis. The mainstream MCAD system includes Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Siemens NX and SolidWorks, and is tightly integrated with Inventor and SolidEdge. FloEFD is a full-featured three-dimensional fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software, easy to learn and use, because it does not require users to handle mathematical complexity and grid generation problems in traditional high-end CFD software. It is widely used in military, aerospace, electronic communications, automotive, machinery, medical devices and other industries, and do not miss friends who need it.

Software introduction

FloEFD is a fluid dynamics analysis software for product design engineers. After years of theoretical and engineering practice, it has been verified that there are more than 3000 customers worldwide. FloEFD is a highly engineered universal fluid heat transfer analysis software that is seamlessly integrated into the mainstream 3d CAD software. It is developed based on the finite volume method (FVM) widely adopted in the mainstream CFD software nowadays. FloEFD fully supports all the mainstream 3d CAD models directly imported into Pro/E, Catia, Solidworks, Siemens-NX, Inventor and so on, and can import model files such as Inventor, x, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C and so on. The analysis steps of FloEFD include CAD model establishment, automatic mesh generation, boundary condition exertion, solution and post-processing, which are all completed under the CAD software interface. The whole process is fast and efficient. FloEFD directly applies the CAD solid model, automatically determines the fluid area, and automatically meshes, and does not need to re model the fluid area. In doing CAD structural optimization analysis, first, a CAD model is defined by a FloEFD analysis. The CAD model of the same structure (assembly) only needs to apply the unique Project technology, so that the FloEFD calculation under different assembly can be carried out immediately, so as to optimize the design plan quickly.

software function

Easy to use synchronous CFD tool integrated in CAD system

When analysis becomes part of the design process, it must be easy to use and quickly adapt to your design process. FloEFD is specially designed for engineers and is fully integrated in CAD system for easy operation. FloEFD is a very easy-to-use tool because of its intuitive interface. In fact, most design engineers feedback that they can use FloEFD in less than 8 hours of training.

Faster design and better products

Multi category award winner FloEFD is an application product of "synchronous CFD", which is seamlessly integrated with CFD analysis software in CAD tools to help design engineers design better products faster.

Many industries in the world industry such as aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, industrial machinery, pump valves and so on all use the "synchronous" FloEFD:

Improving product performance, function and reliability

Reduce laboratory samples and production costs

Minimization of design risk

Save time and cost, shorten design time, speed up the design process and implement what-if testing easily.

Software features

It is a general CFD software which is seamlessly integrated in CAD software and for structural design engineers. FloEFD distinguishes itself from the four advantages of traditional CFD software:

For cooked CAD soft Parts engineer

FloEFD is developed for engineers, so engineers only need very basic knowledge of fluid dynamics and heat transfer, and do not need more understanding of numerical analysis and fluid dynamics equations. They can complete fluid and heat transfer analysis in familiar CAD software interface.

Integrated into CAD in Easy to use

The interface of FloEFD software seamlessly integrated into the CAD environment is very intuitive and flexible, and new users generally need one to two days of training from entry to proficiency.

stay CAD Software Rapid analysis

By integrating the FloEFD analysis wizard in the CAD environment, engineers can complete the flow analysis of CAD models within a few hours. Therefore, in engineering practice, we can analyze many different schemes conveniently and quickly.

stay CAD Software direct Connection optimization

FloEFD can directly carry out the optimization analysis of different schemes in the CAD model. There is no need to establish the necessary fluid models in traditional CFD software (solid area Boolean partition, etc.), mesh generation, and apply boundary conditions to solve them.

Software superiority

One DC Three - Direct CAD-to-CFD Conception ( Direct embedding in 3D CAD software environment )

The pretreatment process of traditional CFD software first introduces the structural CAD model into the pre-processing system of CFD software, and then manually determines which areas are fluid flowing and which are physical areas, and then assists geometric modeling, and completes the cutting and deleting of entities by Boolean operations. The preparation of slightly larger models will take a long time. Because CAD structure engineers are different from CFD analysis engineers, geometric modeling work such as Boolean operations often fails. In this case, CFD simulation engineers will have to remodel a large number of parts of the model. The emergence of FloEFD software has brought great convenience to CFD analysis engineers, thanks to the seamless integration of FloEFD and mainstream CAD software, enabling FloEFD to:
Fully embedded CAD interface, directly use CAD model to automatically distinguish solid area.
Automatically distinguish fluid regions outside solids, automatically determine internal flow and external flow area.


2. RAM – Rectangular Adaptive Mesh (rectangular adaptive grid)

Grid partitioning is a key work in the traditional CFD software analysis, which is the most time-consuming and most demanding job for the analyst's professional background. The quality of mesh generation is directly related to the accuracy of the analysis results. The traditional CFD analysis engineers need to spend a lot of time to divide the high quality grid. However, this situation will be completely changed in FloEFD software. FloEFD's powerful grid automatic generation capability will liberate engineers from heavy grid work, because FloEFD can:
Automatically meshing the solid and fluid regions, and automatically refine and coarse-grained mesh according to geometric models and adaptive requirements.
Full support for manual grid control and local encryption.


3. MWF – Modified Wall Functions (modified wall function)

The partition of near wall boundary layer has always been an important part of traditional CFD software. FloEFD software has its own unique advantages for wall processing.
With Partial Cell technology, wall processing has nothing to do with mesh.
Physically modified flow and heat transfer boundary layer simulation


Four LTTM – Laminar-Transitional-Turbulent Modeling ( Strong laminar flow - transition - Turbulence simulation capability )
Automatic mesh modification is used to simulate laminar and turbulent flows.
Automatic determination of laminar flow, transition zone and turbulent area without specifying the flow characteristics.


5. ACC – Automatic Convergence Control (automatic convergence control)
Cutting-edge numerical method and multigrid technique are used.
Stable convergence and reliable solution.
The solution is successful, and the value is false diffusion.


6. DVA – Design Variants Analysis (variable design analysis)
Project cloning technology supporting What-If analysis requires no further definition of the model.
It allows variable simulation of product design and can be used to determine the optimal variables in product design.
Fully support the concept of product configuration (Product Configuration) scheme comparison and optimization.
Batch processing support


Seven EUI – Engineering User Interface ( Engineering user interface )
Easy to use user interface
Engineering parameter definition language
Feature-based modeling
Dynamic visual post processing function
With engineering database, data of a large number of engineering materials and models can be directly invoked, including fan performance curves, etc.
Automatic generation of Word/EXCEL post processing report
Using style equivalent to mainstream CAD software is easy to learn.
Support to import the result files directly into the mainstream finite element (FEA) analysis software with API interface.


FloEFD - powerful simulation capability

FloEFD is rich in physical models and can be used to solve many engineering problems.
Outflow / inflow
Multi basin (with independent fluid parameters)
Incompressible / compressible viscous flows
Incompressible / compressible gas viscous flows include subsonic, near sonic, supersonic, and hypersonic (5-30).
Automatic laminar / turbulent flow including transition zone solution
The multi component model (even up to dozens of irrelevant components).
Non Newtonian fluid (multiple material models, temperature dependence)
Steam model
Relative humidity model
Cavitation Model
Wall roughness model
Navier wall slip model
Multi rotating parts (rotor stator), centrifugal force and Coriolis force are considered.
Porous media model
Coupled heat transfer (fluid, solid), heat conduction and convection
Forced convection / natural convection / mixed convection
Surface to surface radiation / solar radiation / environmental radiation
Time dependent flow, heat and mass transfer analysis
transient analysis
Simplified model of radiator
heat pipe Perforated plate Double thermal resistance PCB board Jiao Erre , TEC And many other special models for electronic heat dissipation.
Dual thermal resistance, TEC, fans and other professional manufacturers performance library and special library for electronic heat dissipation analysis.


Fan library chip library TEC rich material library thermal conductivity Library
FloEFD2Mechanica The results of FloEFD calculation are directly imported into Pro.Mechanica for stress analysis (automatically obtaining the pressure and temperature values of the wall or solid elements inside the FloEFD, and the wall boundaries required for Pro.Mechanica analysis).

FloEFD analysis automatically imports results into stress results in PRO.MECHANICA PRO.MECHANICA.
FloEFD2Patran The results of FloEFD calculation are directly imported into MSC.Patran for stress analysis (automatically obtaining the pressure and temperature values of the wall or solid elements inside the FloEFD, and the wall boundaries required for MSC.Patran analysis).

FloEFD analysis automatically imports results into stress results in MSC.Patran MSC.

FloEFD has abundant boundary conditions:
Opening: mass flow, volume flow, velocity, pressure, temperature, chemical composition, turbulence, humidity.
Predefined velocity and turbulent inlet distribution
Direction, swirling or predefined distribution of selected flow boundary conditions
Outflow and internal flow fan with fan performance curve
Thermal contact resistance
mach number
Wall: wall treatment, heat transfer, thermodynamic conditions, roughness, slip
Tangential moving wall (translation and / or rotation)
Symmetric boundary conditions
Periodic boundary conditions (linear)
Volume heat source or surface heat source
Time and coordinate related boundary conditions, sources, initial conditions and gravity.
Zoom In: uses the existing results as the boundary conditions to carry out the new simulation.

Applicable industries

Military industry and aerospace industry
After years of popularization and application of FloEFD, its unparalleled key technologies have been highly recognized by users from all walks of life (academics / enterprises), and their accuracy has been widely verified by highly demanding military enterprises. FloEFD is widely used in the heat flow analysis of aircraft, missiles, rockets, engines, exhaust systems, hydraulic systems, environmental control systems, fuel systems and refrigeration systems. Bell Helicopter, Dassault Falcon Jet, Lockheed Martin, Navy Research Lab, US Army, cable, cable, cable, cable, satellite, etc., are all loyal users.
Electronics and communications industry
The development of electronic products is changing with each passing day. The evaluation of product performance by electronic product design engineers has also entered the comprehensive computer numerical analysis stage from initial experience judgment and theoretical calculation. FloEFD has introduced electronic product design engineers into the field of efficient simulation in the design verification, design guidance, design innovation and reliability evaluation of electronic products.

FloEFD embedded in CAD deeply makes the assembly diagram of 3D entity composed of complex electronic cooling system can also be directly analyzed by CAD engineers without any modification of geometric model. This makes the rapid analysis, optimization and comparison of various structural schemes become a reality. At the same time, FloEFD's Project Clone and Zoom In technology make the boundary conditions, material properties and other analytical parameters set once, after adjustment and optimization of local structure, do not need to be changed again, only need to change the structure, then the new structure will be submitted to FloEFD calculation directly. General Electrics, Alcatel, Siemens, Eastman Kodak, PCO Computer Systems, NEC, Oc, e, e, R, R, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, etc. are well known for their important flow and heat dissipation analysis tools.
Automobile industry
Many automotive parts related to flow and heat transfer are required for heat transfer and flow analysis, including engine cooling system, vehicle air conditioning system, intake and exhaust system, pump oil system and body exterior design. FloEFD is used by many famous automobile / auto parts manufacturers such as Delphi, TRW, Eaton, Ford, Continental Teves, DAF Trucks, Haldex Break, Daimler (Mercedes), Vol., Vol.
General lighting and LED semiconductor lighting industry

The FloEFD software can carry out the heat dissipation simulation of various lamps and lanterns, including traditional lamps, automobile lamps, LED packaging products, high-end precision LED lamps and LED backlight panels. In recent years, the LED lighting industry is booming. However, the huge power consumption of lamps and the high demand for gloss, color and lifecycle in various industries make the analysis of heat flux inside the product become the design bottleneck of LED lighting products. FloEFD is embedded in CAD deeply, and the product design model does not need any modification of geometric model. It directly calculates the internal heat flow from FloEFD, helps designers solve the design bottleneck, ensures the quality of LED products, greatly reduces the design cycle and improves the work efficiency.

With the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry and the promotion of LED semiconductor lighting in various industries, FloEFD has also become a trusted partner in the LED semiconductor lighting industry. Its global customers include GE Lighting, Philips Lighting, LumiLED, Hella, OSRAM, etc. at the same time, Mentor Mentor has become the only partner in the field of thermal simulation analysis and thermal testing of the company.
Machinery and shipbuilding industry
The application of CAE technology in the traditional machinery industry has been increasingly widespread. The characteristics of tightly integrated FloEFD and CAD tools do not change the CAD working environment of the traditional mechanical engineers, and are simple and easy to use. They are highly recognized and widely adopted by mechanical engineers, and have gained the attention of many mechanical industry users. Alfred K rich RCHER, Andreas Stihl, OMD Spa, SOMOS International, Sulzer, Corken, Corken, Sulzer, and so on, are all major customers in the machinery industry.
Turbine machinery industry such as fans, pumps, compressors, etc.
Rotating machinery is one of the important fields in the application of FloEFD software. The application of rotating area model / cavitation model / steam model, coupled with direct reading of CAD model, automatic mesh division and special correction method of boundary layer application, makes FloEFD suitable for analyzing ten working parts of rotating machinery, so designers will focus their efforts on design optimization of impeller / blade, diffuser, volute and other components.
Energy and chemical industry
In the new product development of energy and chemical enterprises, the experimental cost is particularly high. The fast flow and heat dissipation ability of FloEFD software embedded in the mainstream CAD tools has brought huge economic benefits to the optimization and finalize of new products in energy chemical enterprises. In the energy and chemical industry, FloEFD has many large customers, including Alstom, General Electric, Joma Polytec, Western Well, RWE, Smart Fuel and other energy chemical enterprises have been applied to the daily product design and optimization.
Valves, pipes and other fluid control equipment industry
FloEFD software can carry out all kinds of valve flow analysis, even if the complex structure of the spiral valve three-dimensional solid model can also be directly calculated by FloEFD, analysis of the valve pressure loss and other main performance. The whole process is fast and smooth, completed by the structural design engineer, reducing the number of prototypes, reducing the cost of research and development, and greatly reducing the design cycle.
Medical device industry
Medical devices, such as the internal flow field analysis of blood cell analyzer, thermal analysis of biochemical analyzer and heat dissipation analysis of electronic components, can be analyzed by FloEFD. FloEFD in this field has Eppendorf Instrumente, EVOTEC, Dr Dr GER, R Sch, Philips Medical, EVOTEC, and so on.
Refrigeration, air conditioning, HVAC industry
HVAC industry has always been an important field of fluid dynamics which is closely related to human work and life. With the development of society, people have higher requirements for the ventilation of residential and office work places, and the requirements of comfort such as temperature, airflow organization and humidity gradually improve. FloEFD is tightly integrated with CAD, and grid automatic generation and wall processing do not rely on the outstanding advantages of grid. It makes FloEFD calculate the parameters of temperature field, velocity field, pressure field, humidity and so on.

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