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PS sharpening microdermabrasion clear image plug-in e Chinese full version

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  • Update: 2019-01-12
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 PS sharpening microdermabrasion clear image plug-in e Chinese full version
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e PS is a good skin grinding sharpening image plug-in, built-in 10 kinds of landscaping, automatic correction function can quickly bring out more details in the shadow of Gao Guangzhong and powerful, and improve the color, let you bloom in a short period of time, Perfectly Clear perfectly clear grasp the technology principle of intelligent image correction that can create high quality photos in a very short period of time, so you can go back to do your true art. Love do not miss a friend!

This plugin

The next generation of landscaping - give you 10 ways to look.

- faster - redesigned algorithm can provide nearly 2 times faster.

Automatic calibration - the new algorithm can bring out more detail in the shadows and Gao Guangzhong - our most powerful, and improve skin tone.

- the new engine noise can more effectively eliminate the noise.

- full resolution zoom allows you to quickly reset, incredible clarity.

- a new preset visual display panel, powerful preset.

- split view allows you to have more methods to correct view.

- transparency slider allows you to mix the images before and after.

- Import / export preset allows you to share the presupposition and friends.

The new features introduced

A photographer out to capture the beauty of the world, rather than sitting in the edit table. We invented the automatic image correction function we, in order to eliminate the tedious, and let you free. So let Perfectly Clear image editing, and put into a day of time to do what you do best to create incredible.

A maximum of 20 - click AutoCorrect
- batch processing images of 1000 minutes
Stay in your workflow
Each image to unlock the details
Create professional touch - default
Save countless hours of manual editing
- precise adjustment details, accurate control

We have the correct image attributed to science
We need to create award-winning technology development for more than 10 years, a number of patented process and more than a dozen distinct algorithms. We break the independence of each pixel correction code. This is how we can make a 12 million pixel photos look like has 12 million independent aperture photos. That in your photos.

Investment, innovation and improve every year
Athentech, we are committed to solve the problems faced by the photographer. Every year, we will continue through our physicists, engineers and photographers of the research and development innovation. Every day we will make your photo look best investment.

Perfect exposure. Is more effective than traditional brightness, a perfect exposure allows you to keep Real Color Photography without the need to cut or remove. Our techniques by copying the spotlight and eyes pixel correction exposure, so as to overcome the distortions caused by the single aperture.
Depth. The display contrast and not confuse other colors in the picture. Perfectly Clear uses a proprietary algorithm, management of dynamic range in a unique way, reveal this depth of detail required.
Light diffusion. Perfectly Clear allows you to create a softer look with warm colors, can also shoot the perfect portrait even during peaceful times under.
Skin depth and prejudice. For realistic lighting skin.

Photoshop is powerful, but the light diffusion for panchromatic spectrum, automatic red eye removal, you must turn to perfectly clear.
- energetic Perfectly clear to imitate the human eye to adjust saturation, thus providing colorful photos. Sometimes the digital camera may cause the photos appear to be fading / fade, because they have a linear response to light. But our solutions through independent view of each channel to overcome this problem.
Loyalty. We reproduce the eyes see all the visual color, so you can always correctly capture purple.
- tone. In the film days, film and filter - you must carry different time in different time all these can make the correct source. In order to remove the tungsten, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, infrared - perfect clear color - looking for unusual colors, excellent photos and then reveal the following.

- sharpening. The traditional method of sharpening will weaken the weak signal and the introduction of halo. Perfectly clear to search only the strong signal, clear pictures and create clear zero.
Noise elimination. Perfect clear automatically reduce the noise 2-3 stop one click (unlike PS or Lr need a slider to adjust). ISO 1600 can be effectively reduced to ISO 200-400, and will not blur or loss of detail.

Red eyes. We buy this technology from our wonderful partner FotoNation, the technology embedded in hundreds of millions of devices. It could take 5 images per second speed detection and correction of defects, without manual intervention.
- unlike Photoshop, Perfectly Clear can automatically remove red eye, also including eye enhancement, eye black eye removal and automatic amplification, adding 5 kinds of Catchlight function.

Make you perfect transparent smooth skin, adjust blush, and eliminate the infrared, gloss and flaws. Our powerful automatic correction function using face detection technique to identify the advanced age, Gender and main facial features, including texture and color. Therefore, we can determine the precise application of automatic correction. We all do it than to beautify the correction operation in Ps or Lr in the manual is much faster, because it takes a few minutes instead of seconds.

Let you perfect refreshing whitening teeth, enjoy the perfect smile, and save a painful journey to the dentist. In addition, it can sharpen your lips look, and adjust your face, making it more slender and youthful appearance.

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