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Eight cloud rendering of 1 official version of the green free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Eight cloud rendering of 1 official version of the green free
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The pig is a fast and efficient cloud rendering 3D cloud image rendering software, eight cloud rendering platform provides 24, 96, 192 nuclear nuclear nuclear three rendering, rendering the files stored in the cloud, whenever and wherever possible four complete download, simple rendering, improve work efficiency, easy fabrication of 3D image, need friends not to miss!

Eight cloud rendering features

1, submit a key
Seamless 3dsMAX, software submission, multi angle, at the same time;

2, real-time query
The immediate query rendering progress, to find and correct the problem;

3, cloud storage
Render the file stored in the cloud, whenever and wherever possible to download, rendering results;

4, 7*24 hour service
7 days service online customer service;

5, 1V1 client manager
Enterprise customers with 1V1, customer manager, business more efficient, to abandon the cumbersome operation, 4 simple steps to complete the rendering, not only the speed of speed, and our service;

Eight cloud rendering instructions

1, the balance is negative can not download results and submit a new task.

2, the balance of the completion of the rendering task, the task will not stop, will render the complete, but can not download the results.

3, active users to "delete" or "stop" task, cause the cost borne by the user himself.

4, the arrears stop costs caused by the loss borne by the user himself.

5, the scene model, material, rendering parameters setting errors leading to the rendering time is too long, the loss borne by the user himself.

6, led by eight cloud rendering rendering error etc., by eight cloud rendering to bear the loss.

7, has been submitted to the task after task in rendering the proposal to delete the client, not delete the task, eight cloud rendering keep up to 7 days overdue, automatic cleaning.

8, a special plug-in, or eight cloud rendering environment such as software version and the production environment is different, please contact customer service to confirm eight cloud rendering after use.

9, the rendering process because of some irresistible factors such as 3D software in the running process of minimal probability will appear collapse and other issues, eight cloud rendering will be given compensation, but no commitment to take responsibility for this problem.

10, the default and every eight cloud rendering the user registration signed a confidentiality agreement, see the "eight cloud rendering User License Agreement", if you determined safety clause in this agreement is still not satisfied, you can contact the customer sign the "pig pig cloud rendering cloud rendering agreement".

11, eight cloud rendering for prepaid service, please ensure that the account balance is adequate in the use of cloud rendering process eight, eight cloud rendering does not accept rendering after payment. Special business rendering manual service please contact customer service online advisory details.

12, eight cloud rendering does not support rendering the pay for malicious arrears arrears not padded users, we keep a permanent ban the use of eight cloud rendering and the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

13, the user to recharge the balance of eight cloud rendering account, does not support the cash refund.

14, eight cloud rendering for the fully automated self-service rendering, support a key task after full automatic packing, rendering and download. If there are special business needs artificial rendering services, please contact customer service online eight cloud rendering.

15, note the final interpretation of Chongqing pig Network Engineering Company Limited, please confirm the content you fully understand and accept the rendering, if you have any questions you can contact customer service for help eight cloud rendering.

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