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Templates Expert for iWork crack version 6

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  • Update: 2017-12-12
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Templates Expert for iWork crack version 6
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Templates Expert For iWork is a professional iWork template set, including more than 800 Pages, Numbers and Keynote templates, meet your business, all the daily needs, improve work efficiency, realize the page structure creation, need friends not to miss!


Templates Expert features

This collection includes 680 unique page document design, 35 Keynote quality demonstration themes and 90 spreadsheet templates.

Pages template

High quality Pages template selection 680 provides a beautiful and practical design for Apple Pages. It consists of a mixture of ecclectic template type, from a business proposal and communication posters and proof. The Pages template features a charming modern print layout and a large number of creative talent combined with adding a complex stripe for your content.

Numbers template

High quality Numbers template set contains 90 useful Apple Numbers template. Put them in your business or personal needs. Your daily work arrangement, successfully completed. According to your requirements: create a custom template form, calculate, generate charts and merge image - make your work more organized, lower requirements.

Keynote template

The Keynote template includes 35 keynote speech. These are not just nice background, each of them by up to 24 different slides, so you can find the best layout for your information. The theme has two sizes: Standard (4:3) and width (16:9). Let us pay attention to your appearance and your slides, focus on what you are creating point.

Installation instructions

This version is a crack version, can be directly installed in normal use. Before installation, please open any source.

OS X version 10.12 and above, use the following commands to open:

Sudo spctl --master-disable

System requirements: OS X version 10.10 or higher

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