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LCD graphic editor 5 official green free installation

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-13
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 LCD graphic editor 5 official green free installation
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LCD graphic editor Is a very useful LCD graphics editing tool. The BMP image file into LCD file, support truth table mapping, pattern selection, pattern dressing and other functions, easy to use LCD emulator, can be easily connected with the mcu. Very useful for the design of LCD in need of friends, friends do not miss!

LCD introduction

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display, which is referred to as liquid crystal display).
The structure of the LCD is placed in the liquid crystal box two parallel glass substrate, glass substrate is provided under the TFT (thin film transistor), on the glass substrate is arranged on the color filter, rotation direction signal and the voltage change by TFT to control the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve the control of each pixel or to exit light to display.
Now LCD has replaced CRT as the mainstream, prices have dropped a lot, and has been fully popularized.

LCD graphic editor Features

1, software simulation of LCD display.
2 and USB interface.
3, COM, SEG automatically transform the foot to adapt to different imitation really do MCU device, plug and play.
4, maximum support 8*32.
5, support Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP operating system.
6, ICE 1/4duty 1/3bias, Winbond W741/W541.
7, Samsung SMART KIT (KS57C2304), 1/4duty, 1/3bias
8, SinoWealth NT66P13/NT66P14 ICE, 1/4duty, 1/3bias
9, SinoWealth NT66P13/NT66P14 ICE, 1/8duty, 1/4bias
10, SinoWealth SH66P51 ICE, 1/3duty, 1/2bias
11, SinoWealth SH66P51 ICE, 1/4duty, 1/3bias
SinoWealth 12, SH66P51 ICE, 1/5duty
SinoWealth 13, SH66P51 ICE, 1/6duty
14, other MCU via COM, SEG corresponding line simulation.
15, the software upgrade will directly support more models.

LCD graphical editor tutorial

1, first of all, the use of WINDOWS drawing software according to the actual LCD graphics, a BMP image, the color image is saved to the 24bit file, as shown below:

2, run the "LCD graphics editor, select" open "button in the target image, click" Settings "button settings, including the target type, the working voltage of LCD, COM, SEG comparison voltage voltage.

3, LCD true value table set, for even as one stroke, according to the "click" button, and then point a stroke in BMP image area

4, according to the LCD design and circuit principle diagram of connection, and then click on the COM-SEG intersection of the corresponding mapping, as shown below:

5, for not even as one stroke, according to the "box" button, a box selected figure BMP image area

6, double-click the true value a graphic table area, can be used for trimming the graphics

7, the truth table right click popup menu can choose commands on the truth table to do some operation

8, if the LCD screen screen graphics, can do silk screen graphics BMP file, file name and name LCD
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