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CorelDRAW 11 simplified version of the v11.70 version of Chinese free serial number installation tutorial crack

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  • Update: 2017-12-14
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 CorelDRAW 11 simplified version of the v11.70 version of Chinese free serial number installation tutorial crack
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CorelDRAW 11 is a graphic design software of a Corel company produced the classic, powerful vector map editing and graphic tools, can be used for vector animation, web design, website production, web page editing and bitmap animation, more important is the important component for a vector and page design, one for the image editing has become a benchmark for the majority of the graphic design. CorelDRAW 11 gives users powerful interactive tools use experience, users can create a variety of instant effects special effects and lattice dynamic image in a simple operation can be achieved. Through the full range of Coreldraw design and web function can be integrated into the design of existing users, you will be able to freely express their creative style and creative logo, easy, advertising signs, one of the designers of the necessary software to bring the CorelDRAW 11 crack version, serial number of products can be attached to the software activation success, let users free of charge. Need friends not to miss!

CorelDRAW 11 features

In 1, the CorelDRAW 11 vector based graphics program adds many new features. Which provides for signature support, can use special characters in specific objects, to create smaller files. Library Docker panel new available for users to manage these signatures.
2, the new version adds with pressure-sensitive function Smudge and Roughen brush. Severenuk told MacCentral, these brushes can also be perceived inclination of attitude and direction, can increase the realistic effect in the CorelDRAW and pressure-sensitive pen and tablet when used together.
A three point increase in the mapping tool 3, new edition: three points, three points and three rectangular elliptic curve point tool allows users only two clicks can create or navigate with angle or tilt the body. First click and drag over the line or baseline to create a form, and then click again can define its height. A new multi line tool and the pen tool also simplifies the process of drawing lines and curves.
4, the new version of enhanced text processing, the user can be converted into text paragraph curve, but Severenuk do not use this function of the text suggests that much of the document, to ensure the reasonable size of the file.
5, CorelDRAW 11 greatly enhance the processing of the bodies, in the original "plastic" and "cross" based on the increase of new menu items, including "simplified" and "reduction before" and "after the reduction before". These tools for shape and place objects in the document provides further control.
6, Severenuk said, to achieve line closed much easier. Through four kinds of options, you can create a single closed trajectory from straight-line or curve, which helps to keep the object in the process of the rapid creation of objects in appearance.

CorelDRAW 11 crack installation tutorial

1, after the completion of the decompression software download, click Setup to open the package, click next to continue installation.

2, input CorelDRAW 11 serial number DS11WRC-1289821-VAH Click on the serial number in the next step.

3, select the installation mode, select the typical recommendations here.

4, the choice of software installation directory.

5, finally completed, will be prompted whether to register the product. Note here is not a registered software. But the CorelDRAW site registered account. You can choose not to register. The sequence number in front of the already completed the break.

6, in the installation process the input sequence number, has successfully cracked. To help software view information about software. You can see has been registered successfully.

The use of CorelDRAW 11 method

1, fast copy color and attribute
In CorelDraw software, the most efficient method for a single object in the group is the color of the screen palette drag to the object. Likewise, a shortcut to copy attributes into a single object in the group is holding down the right mouse button in the user drag the object, and the properties of this object is the user wants to copy to the target object to. When the user releases the button, the program will pop up a right button to display the menu in the menu, the user can select the command you want to copy the attribute.
2, let the gradient effect more smoothly
The gradient effect is a common effect of image production process, how this effect of the gradient level more smooth, more natural, it becomes very important. In CorelDraw, the best way to get a smooth intermediate shape is started with the gradient control object as the gradient control object using the same number of nodes, and is in the same drawing order (clockwise or counterclockwise) established under the. Do you need to create second objects through your copy of the first object to modify. The first object is selected, on the numeric keypad, press the + key to copy it. The copy on the side, select the Shape tool, and began rearranging nodes. If you need to add additional nodes here and there to make the two objects (in CorelDraw, you can click on the curve to add a node), please also add a node corresponding to the first object. If you have the shape of many nodes, you can place a temporary identifier such as a circle of neighboring nodes in the first object in place, but also placed another node identifier corresponding to second adjacent objects in place.
3, the same color palette
When produce the image, in order to achieve an overall coordinated effect, we often need to carry the same color to different objects, and to achieve the purpose of the same color, we need to set the same color palette for these objects. When set, we can according to the following steps: firstly, in CorelDraw, open the Tool menu under NewPaletteFromdocument.NewPaletteFrom; the Selection command to capture, store name and palette. Then use the Palette editor (which can be found in the Tool menu) according to the order you love the finishing color classification. Finally, in another file to show the new palette, select View, ColorPalette, LoadPalette, and select your named palette.
4, free to erase lines
In CorelDraw, we can use the pencil tool for any hand-painted "play", however, once the play head, accidentally put a line drawn crooked or wrong, you should do? Maybe you will think the lines will be deleted or several times to undo the work, there is a more flexible approach is to press the Shift key, and then reverse erase it.
5, to gauge the return of freedom
In general, the use of CorelDraw ruler, is in the specified location, but sometimes in image processing, the use of gauge is used at any time, location is random, so how can we let the ruler in accordance with our requirements become more "free"? * method is relatively simple, as long as we scale on hold down the Shift key to drag the mouse, you can move the ruler. If you want to scale back, as long as the ruler on hold down the Shift key and click the mouse quickly two, will immediately return.
6, fast output results
Some people say that the output is not click "print" button, the output speed is not controlled by others. This is true, but in making use of CorelDraw image in the print output before the check page, whether stored a lot of temporary objects in non print area of the page, these objects in the print output, although there is no actual print, but will still be calculated, so that the computer will spend more time to deal with therefore, we simply delete the temporary objects, it can greatly improve the output speed.
7, at the same time rotating zoom
Arguably, each of us to execute a command, the program should have a corresponding action, however, in CorelDraw, as long as we hold the Shift key while dragging the handle rotating object, you can let the object rotate together with the zoom action; if it is to hold the ALT key, can be achieved at the same time the rotation and deformation of inclined object effects.
8, get rid of map spots
In the scanning or image processing, because of work or other reasons, inadvertently in the image to add some noise or pitting, although these defects can affect the whole image effect, but if you are a perfectionist, must be the ma. "Please go", how to do? The solution is to turn the graph into a bitmap, no one can do it again, can also be transferred to the CorelDraw8.0 output.


Select the whole map file [Ctrl] + [A]

Height / contrast / strength [Ctrl] + [B]

Copy the selected items to the clipboard [Ctrl] + [C]

The selected object and processed with distance offset specified [Ctrl] + [D]

Is the text or object to another format [Ctrl] + [E]

Import the text or object [Ctrl] + [I]

Select the object to form the Group [Ctrl] + [G]

Open the dialog box to set the CorelDRAW option [Ctrl] + [J]

[Ctrl] object split selection + [K]

With the object of selection [Ctrl] + [L]

Add / remove text object bullets (SWITCHING) [Ctrl] +M

Create a new drawing document [Ctrl] + [N]

Open an existing drawing document [Ctrl] + [O]

Print the current graphics [Ctrl] + [P]

Align and Distribute

Align and Distribute

Select the object into the curve [Ctrl] + [Q]

Repeat the last action [Ctrl] + [R]

Save the current graphics [Ctrl] + [S]

Undo step [Ctrl] + [Z]

Set the text property format [Ctrl] + [T]

Select the two objects (select moving objects, select the reference object) directly aligned with the menu on the right by which distribution English letters [L R left, right aligned, T top...... Shown on the right]

Common functions (such as: X4 version of the default copy properties from no shortcuts) and so on, through the custom option [] create a shortcut key commands

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