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Super image processing software X15 version x86/x64

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-02
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Super  image processing software X15 version x86/x64
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is a Xara produced by professional graphic image editing software, software built-in mass template and image editing tools can be used to deal with images, graphics, graphics, making WEB with drawing speed, the software interface has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, known as the world's fastest drawing software. Have a large number of photo editing tools, including signal, transparency, realistic immediate shadow realization, all kind of brush, so that the effect of slope, and the Xara Xtreme drawing tool is simple and easy to use, like Photoshop, each drawing tool has the attributes of the corresponding column, with the toolbar color, layer, frame etc. the function of adjustment, can make the design works of professional standards, this small series of Chinese brought 15 cracked version, containing 86 and 64 in two versions, containing the crack file, perfect cracked software, pro test is available, need friends not to miss!

Function introduction

Xara Designer has strong ability of drawing, another notable feature of Designer Pro is that "production" of "the picture is very convenient (support similar Photoshop cutting function).

For example, you can use Designer Pro to create a web site navigation picture, painting and modification of your paintings, it has a very friendly interface, so you don't need to have a professional art foundation, simple a few clicks the mouse to complete your work, you can also publish them to the network above. In order to map into a happy thing, Designer Pro simple operation is incredible. With Xara Designer you can draw a button on your web page, or from a video clip a section, and then put them into GIF, etc....... The function of the software and the output effect is quite perfect!

Designer Pro also built a large number of templates, making some relatively simple effect than PS N times faster, very suitable for the lazy type game player!! has a large number of image editing tools, including anti anti false signals, confusion of transparency, the shadow of reality, all a kind of brush, so that the effect of slope and real-time. The powerful 3D font production tools, and the Xara Designer drawing tool is simple and easy to use, like Photoshop, each drawing tool has the attributes of the corresponding column, with the toolbar color, frame layer, function adjustment, you can create professional design works. Xara Designer is the product of Corel company (the equivalent of a simplified version of CorelDraw), then the independent development, function more perfect. The software operation and CorelDraw are basically the same.

X introduce new features

Stick at the top

According to popular demand, you can now choose an object and then scroll to top paste.

To enhance the "reveal" animation

The animation is one of V11's hit show. These are triggered in your object into view the animation, and we add 40 new types of animation, such as bounce, zoom and flip.

Parallax Scrolling

The effect for any contemporary scene must have the effect, parallax is a 3D effect by the background slowly moves into the foreground and the creation of.

Scrolling animation NEW

We have a new type of animation. You will be in the Web animation "Display tab in the dialog box to find the 30" scrolling animation, the animation will be linked to the position of the scroll bar. When the object first appears (such as animation), the animation will not run again, so when the document scrolls, object animation, animation speed and rolling speed is proportional to the.

Other improvements Web

New and improved media player (by default, it uses the Web browser HTML5 browser support function to play audio and video, or Flash)

The preview window has been updated to include the MS Edge preview (Windows 10)


A comprehensive plan

is the flagship product of our creative development. In a fully integrated and consistent interface, it provides all the tools of a series of graphic design tasks, usually require three or more separate "kit" program: illustrations, photo editing, senior web graphics, web page layout, etc..

Through all the design tools integration in a program, can achieve a smaller memory footprint, faster performance, without program switching and reduce hardware requirements, and not an easy learning curve, higher productivity and excellent performance!


high performance vector rendering engine based on one of the most advanced in the world. Ultra fast processing, even complex illustrations or very high resolution images, and also happy experiment. Don't let your software hinder your creativity!

Direct manipulation tools

direct manipulation tools allow you to interactive, quick and intuitive way to create effects, such as transparency, shadow, bevel or gradient fill. There is no distraction. - just drag the object!

Drag and drop

in many tasks can benefit from using drag and drop principle, this is the most intuitive way of working and a good save time. It also supports drag and drop import documents, such as photos.

Unlimited undo / redo

You can change everything in the crucial graphics package. allows unlimited undo, making the experiment easier.

Reduced to 25000%

Zoom tool allows the amplification of up to 25000%, perfect details. It is super fast and independent of the resolution.

High quality screen display

Xara launched the world's first anti aliased vector, in order to provide maximum screen quality, is still the fastest of any drawing program, the highest quality anti aliasing pioneer.

Entity object editor

In the drawing, move, rotate or adjust the size of the object at the same time, Designer Pro will not drag the outline, but to provide real-time objects in real time, so you can more easily see what you are doing! Only Designer Pro can do this in the complex vector graphics.

X15 new features

A, automatically adjust the document size
The Facebook will be modified for other platforms (such as Instagram or Twitter) article. Magic Resize allows you to text and image zoom to the perfect size.

Two, the huge collection of images
Found online contents and more than 1 million free available stock photos, graphics and illustrations, easy to use.
1, photo archive
There are a large number of stock photo available so you can find the perfect image!

2, graphics
Visit a fantastic collection of icons, logos and other graphic design elements.

3, illustration
Pattern, texture and shape - stimulate the unusual printing and web design.

Three, the new template
Whether you have a mini site, website or blog, our template provides clear, clear and beautiful design effect. You will be able to find the perfect template for each project.
1, for demonstration
Want to use graphics, unified layout or other features to add finishing function? Selection of high quality presentation materials - including water, a new design of travel and commerce!

2, for social media
The new social media template is very suitable for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And it looks good, they can automatically adjust the size.

3, for the flyers
Want to make and print high-quality flyers, leaflets or brochures? Our newsletters and flyers template is perfectly suited to your needs, and provides 12 new design!

4, to the letter
With the help of X15, you can use the predefined form or start from scratch to create. What is suitable for every taste.

Install the crack tutorial

1, according to the system to download decompression, small At the same time provides 86 bit and 64 bit version two, you can choose to install according to the situation! Click exe to start the installation program.

2, follow the prompts to install successfully

3, Copy in the archive Crack UZ1 file information To cover the installation directory file with the same name.

4, break the completed, start the program

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