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Easy to use characters fast face changing software v1.1 green Sinicization version

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  • Update Date: 2017-12-15
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Easy to use characters fast face changing software  v1.1 green Sinicization version
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It is a simple and easy to use character fast face changing software. It is a complete fool operation. It easily collects the head to any background. It can quickly clip a face from one picture to another. The clippings need not be precisely selected or manually adjusted, and the clip is in the three bit space, and the size of the portrait, the upper and lower / left and right deflection angles can be adjusted simply, then you can see the stereoscopic effect appears. There is no need to use complex 3D modeling or expensive drawing software. A few minutes to create high-quality surprise image, it can not only portray the head, but also generate multi view 3D stereoscopic head, the effect is lifelike! Don't miss your friends!

software function

1., you can easily change a face from one picture to another.
2. software can be completed in only three steps. Users need to load a background map, select the background map to cut the image, then import a picture to save it.
3. the clippings do not need to be selected accurately or manually.
4., you can also rotate, zoom, and select auto reference for photos.
5. simple operation and convenient use.


1, after the software downloading is completed, click the file in the package to open the software.
2, click on the new solution to create a new picture plan.
3, the green version does not need to install, double click ".exe" directly, enter the software, click "loading", add two pictures, click next.
4. Subsequently, the program will automatically and accurately match without manual operation.
5, then you will see the effect map, and finally save it.


In order to get more accurate and realistic results, you can refer to the set of similarities of facial features as shown in the examples. Choosing the corresponding points in the examples and placing them in the wrong place will play a prominent role. Of course, you can choose the set points to move as shown in the example.

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