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Franzis 2018 Pro version Green Edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Franzis  2018 Pro version Green Edition
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Franzis 2018 Pro version is a very easy to use easy to use cutting matting software, can easily and accurately remove the pattern from the background, even if the hair, fur, grass and translucent objects can come out from the background accurately cut and placed on the other side. You just by a few clicks of the mouse can cut a single object, in order to remove or use, the new image is very convenient, can provide image processing efficiency. Need friends not to miss!

 Franzis  2018 Pro version Green Edition

Cutout 2018 crack method

1, Download decompression, 32 bit and 64 bit Franzis cutout 2018 Professional users, free installation of crack free, open can be completely free to use;

Franzis 2018 new features

CUTOUT - chroma key pad

Now everyone can become a CUTOUT expert. The use of chroma key isolation method can easily separate the object from the background color of the uniform.

CUTOUT - internal / external extinction

Let us show you how to use CUTOUT 5 to separate the complex object from the background, and then merge them into another image.

Every single object shear subdivision, this is the most reliable method of pixel accurate results

The newly developed 6 6 is a professional system of professional highlights.

When you want the pattern to be surrounded by , 6 would recommend areas should be removed. According to the mouse click, you can decide whether it should delete the area - the. Never object or pattern cut from their background more easily or accurately! Next to the hair!

Special shear photos, modification and composition:

Just a few clicks of the mouse can be cut out of each object, thus creating the perfect photo montage, in order to merge them into another photo. The whole thing will seem so real, so that you can shoot object with a new background. Allow yourself to create new attractive pictures.

Will you put before the new pattern to adapt to adjust the background, foreground and background, in order to create a realistic montage. Compared with other cutting software, you save time is great, because it won't use highly sophisticated tools to bomb you.

The modern new interface

Anyone can use the cutting tool, even complex pattern: hair, grass, trees, leaves and all other filaments of objects, you will be able to accurately use this software, clean cut.

Franzis features

Individual objects to delete each subdivision (professional edition only)

The internal / external edge of extinction

Based on the stroke of extinction

Mask modification tools (only professional edition)

Lossless zoom (professional edition only)

For the chroma key technology model perfect cutting (Pro Edition)

Three different background matting method (pro-version)

Hair, fur and other silk objects, you will be able to make a few mouse clicks (Pro Edition) clean cut out,

You can save it as a PSD format (Professional Edition)

As a plug-in in Photoshop (Professional Edition)

The use of integrated RAW- developer RAW images can be used directly (Pro Edition)

Simple and accurate delete pattern from the background, just like before.

Even if the hair, fur, grass and translucent objects can come out from the background of precise cutting

You can mix color, edge and line identification save a lot of time

You can save your results in PNG, so all the other image editing program using it!


- New: direct replacement of the background layer
- New: individual icon size, compatible with 4K - Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements plugin
Segmented white background micro cutting edge detection
- color key block - blue screen technology
- internal / external extinction
Improved mask tool
- accurate quick selection tool profile
- optional user interface of light / dark
Extended sharpening
- star / gradient / fuzzy filter
Batch processing

Install the crack tutorial:

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