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Avira antivirus 2019 latest version of registration

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-13
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Avira antivirus 2019 latest version of registration
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Avira AntiVir AntiVir anti-virus software in Germany is the development of a professional anti-virus software, there are a lot of users in the world, but also by Chinese users, known as the red umbrella, Special mention is the heuristic software virus checking ability, has been ranked in the top three in the world. The heuristic check narcotics, even when the virus signature database does not feature the virus, killing an unknown virus. actually Avira is a free version, but this small series of the cracked version is more powerful, welcome to download!

Function introduction

Anti virus from experts
The additional function is good, but the virus is what we do best. Please be assured that you will have some of the most advanced anti virus protection technology. Period.

Avira's new antivirus Pro is built on some of the world's most powerful technology on the safety of the.
A powerful heuristic technology and advanced cloud computing combine to make sure that you have the most powerful protection. However, you do not have to say, Avira's anti-virus technology by millions of users of the trust, and have obtained the independent review platform praise.

Anti virus scanner
From the comprehensive protection of malicious software.

Real time cloud protection
Protect you against emerging threats.

Stop PUA
Stop and legitimate software bundled in hidden application together.

Email protection
Email malware scanning.

Network protection
Sharing scan files on the network.

Senior Web protection
Safe browsing, shopping, streaming, download and online banking.

Game mode
Notice of suspension of unnecessary in the movie and game.

The browser tracking interceptor *
Stop advertising network monitor your online do what.

Safe Browsing *
To prevent the harmful site before loading.
The new features introduced
The new Avira Antivirus Pro redefines the safety and simplicity. Protect yourself against online threats fast and simple method without trouble. From malware and spyware and Trojan Troy to identity theft, Avira's new Pro antivirus software to provide the necessary protection for you, let you enjoy the life you want.

Activation installation tutorial

1. the download package, after decompression can be obtained Avira Antivirus Pro installation package and patch file

2. double click avira_antivirus_en-us to start the installation

3. to accept the agreement and click Next

4. choose the installation directory, next

5. select the configuration options, click Next

6. point to the next step, enter the activation page, we select the professional version, if not too high requirements can choose the default free version here Xiaobian do is activate the tutorial. So choose the professional edition, and Licence File

7. we select the package inside the key file, complete activation

8. point to the next step, know

Official download: Click to download

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