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SOFTTECH 2017 Chinese cracked version of 2017_1213 containing tutorial

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  • Update: 2018-01-29
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 SOFTTECH  2017 Chinese cracked version containing 2017_1213 tutorial
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The 2017 edition of By softtech SOFTTECH The introduction of a professional Figure 2D, 3D modeling, BIM software architecture. 2D drawing, 3D design or use predefined 3D parts to save time (walls, windows, stairs etc.). In the process of BIM, communication and cooperation become more and more important - SPIRIT is object-oriented, and because the software interface and SOFTTECH and other vendors, absolutely have the function of BIM. Xiao Bian here is to bring the latest 2017 version, containing the upgrade package, need to download it!


SOFTTECH is located in Neustadt an derWeinstra software e Schnuffel building solutions company owner management. Since 1985, our development and distribution today has 50 employees "made in Germany" software. SOFTTECH is Germany's oldest building industry, one of the most successful software company
Function introduction

- CAD software cost-effective
The utility is a kind of building software, in addition to the CAD program and AVA software also provides cost and service directory. The success of SOFTTECH two-way coupling with SPIRIT and AVANTI ("design with computing"). This closed BIM solution without loss, and provide real-time calculation.
Through the interface exchange
SOFTTECH attaches great importance to continue to optimize the IFC external interface, users can exchange data in the process of building BIM with colleagues and owners. New features in SPIRIT 2017 is the STL export function, CAD file can be directly transmitted to the 3D printer. The feasibility study support printing model, and in the game or customer demand. In addition, SPIRIT 2017 can be printed format export to DWG / DXF, which is essential for public contracts.
Further development is guaranteed.
Customer requirements is the new development of SPIRIT, but also the existing function improvement. This is true: the world coordinate system (WCS) the basic revision allows the user to move the model in the virtual 3D orbit, or the drawing surface separate alignment users (UCS). In addition to construction methods usually, now modeling and 3D software SketchUp as smoothly. In addition, the new 3D browser SOFTTECH the architectural model builders are more likely to experience, so as to provide architects convincing work. The viewer does not need to install directly on the Web browser.

Installation tutorial

1. the download package, unzip, double-click the SPIRIT_201704_Setup_DE.exe to start the installation, weiter

2. to accept the agreement and click weiter to continue

3. choose the installation directory, weiter

A 4. point weiter, the final installation information, click Installieren to continue

5. wait for a while, to complete the installation

After the installation is complete, continue to install the CYGiSO folder inside the upgrade package, you can

German version, installation and careful operation!

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