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(screen recording software) free version of the official

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (screen recording software) free version of the official
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is a very good use of the computer screen recording and editing software, supports the recording computer screen and camera recording, use can help users out of sync recording computer desktop, online meetings, entertainment video and all other activities. It provides full screen recording, recording, recording and other areas in the video mode, allowing users to easily fix video chat and video teaching, support recording device, after recording can also share with friends to enjoy, love is very good, do not miss a friend!

Installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the apowerrec.exe operation, install simplified Chinese default language

2, as shown in the picture, click Next

3, the user license agreement interface, select I accept the agreement and click Next

4, click the Browse button to select the installation path F:\ lightning download \ and click Next

5, as shown in the figure, you can continue to keep the default, click next.

6, click the Install button, and wait for a moment

7, click the finish button to exit setup

8. finally do not open the software, the patch is copied to the installation directory and replace, can complete the activation!

software function

Edit video

Support real-time video recording editing screen, also support after the recording, using the advanced editing function, increase video effects.

Recording camera

Can be recorded separately in the camera screen, can also record a picture-within-a-picture effect.

The task of recording

supports two task recording functions, namely computer screen / camera timing plan follow recording and recording function.

Convert video

The recorded video, into a variety of formats, such as: MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV etc..


A screenshot, and automatically save the picture to the computer.

High quality recording

Recording sound card and microphone support high-quality voice in, allowing the user to adjust the audio volume and custom.

The software features

Any operation picture recording
can help you out of sync recording computer desktop, online meetings, entertainment video and all other activities. It provides full screen recording, recording, recording and other areas in the video mode, allowing users to easily fix video chat and video teaching.


Cross platform, compatible with multiple devices
It is not only the Windows/Mac screen recording software, or a mobile device can support screen recording tools: easy to help Android mobile phone video, can also support flexible iPhone screen recording. IOS users can directly to the mobile phone screen, the original is projected on the PC/Mac; Android users can record screen in the PC projection, can also be recorded directly in the mobile phone terminal.
quickly upgrade the life and work efficiency

Commercial use
can be used to record the APP display video or video conference recording, sound, presentation and camera ultra clear picture may be recorded.
Teaching demonstration
This video software can make your presentation more vivid: the online teaching video recording available and add comments to make viewers more intuitive understanding of the key.
Make a great learning material, is very suitable for recording live courses, online meetings and other related online video network.
The original record of the game highlights and interception of exquisite operation picture, and its share to the platform to share with others.
General function
Use the screen recording tool can do video call recording, recording and video feedback problems on-site technical support.
Multi platform sharing
Screen recording and screenshots, you can use this multi platform screen recording software, directly share the wonderful moments in life with friends and family, and users around the world.

Using the tutorial

1, open the software interface, set the recording area and audio input, click on the upper left corner of the "start" can start recording,

2, can record video website video

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