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client (game video recording tools) v2.0.2 free version of the official

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  • Update: 2018-11-06
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  client (game video recording tools) v2.0.2 free version of the official
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is a computer version of the game is very simple and easy to use video recording tools, can help users to easily record the game process, support play, share your game to your friends and friends to enjoy, also can help find the game play skills, skills that cohesion errors, improve your game level. Very good, this tool is green without having to install, decompression can be used, very convenient, love friends do not miss!


1, upgrade your game
Used by professionals and make you play, record and comment and share your best game.
2, no record of trouble
Light weight will not slow down the speed of your computer. As long as you start to play, the game will record and any game and play together, it is not set automatically.
3, improve your skills
The game makes it easier for you to review your game and learn from mistakes.
Through the instant replay, the most important in your game replay 30 seconds.
When you play, put a bookmark, so you can easily get to those who need to review the time.
The top of the game, like killing and death such key events is automatically added.
4, to share with friends
Crazy things happen in games. You can easily put these moments to share with you the love of the community, including Reddit, Fa cebook, witter and so on.

Usage method

The February 9, 2018 announcement, the unclassified battlefield, CS, CSGO, easy, education, electronic games, video games, game play, game, improvement, improvement of the game, instant replay, the League of legends, learning, and pioneer, PlaysTV PUBG, game player unknown battlefield. Skills, skills, record, play

The top electronic athletics occupation game player and game player use millions of Plays to improve and win more games. Plays application allows you to easily record, view and share your game content. We made this tutorial to help you learn how to use the Plays. Although it does not cover all the functions, but you should learn more about how Plays can help you improve and win more basic knowledge of the game!

Automatic recording in the background

With the Plays client, you do not need to remember playing a new game to start recording. The game will automatically record your game session, so it will be at you at the start of the game to start recording, and stop the recording in you exit the game. In addition, you can set Plays to run automatically at startup. Our goal is to make Play as much as possible, easy to use and free "".
Instant replay

Have you ever had a game happened in certain things, and want to replay it immediately? Our instant replay at its location. Just press the button, we will cover the instant replay of the pop chart in your game. This is a simple method, can find out what happened, or immediately to pay attention to the correct content.
Automatic bookmarks key events in the game in the top

One of the best ways to improve and win more games is to review the key moment in every game. For example, every time you go back and look after death is not very good, so you can learn from your mistakes. Through the 40 minutes to find your murder, death and assists may be a thing.

The good news is that Plays can help you automatically achieve this point. For many of the top games, Plays will automatically mark your murder, death and assists. This makes the game view is very simple, and find opportunities for improvement. Review and review of the game is always very interesting.
Use hotkeys to manually add bookmarks

Automatic bookmark is very good, but sometimes you want to see a game, and may not automatically add tags. For example, when you almost died, just barely left. You can always add bookmarks to easily find the time later. Do you have to play 28 minutes in 5 hours 7 hours training? Use the hotkey and booking it. You will see the bookmark icon in the corner, to confirm the time saved.

Playback and sharing tools

Plays has many functions allows you to easily view the game and share it. You can slow down the speed and acceleration of the replay. As part of the video to add notes. Back 5 seconds again to see a game. Just click the mouse you can upload video, so you can share videos and get feedback to other people

We hope that this guide can help you get started with Plays. The top eSports professionals and millions of game player use Plays to improve and win more games. Climb the ladder ranking is not easy, but we work with you to achieve this goal. Download the Plays application, start immediately!

The story of the guide to improve
February 8, 2018 unclassified toys

Many of the world's top eSports team using Plays, because it is the best way to exercise, improve and win more games. Plays application allows you to see what you see in the game, to hear what you hear in the game, and all the time in the examination. If you want to find bugs in your game, see your game is the best method.

Here are some tips on how to use Plays to help you improve faster:

The use of instant replay to instantly view the contents of your game
One of the best methods for the use of instant replay is to see things after death. For example, the "watch pioneer" or "hero alliance" in the game, you may have died before the rebirth of 30 seconds. This is a perfect time to review your death, see your teammates and opponents use what ability, and try to find out whether we can take different measures to avoid death.

Develop a check of your game at the end of each game habit
Once you start the game, the game will automatically record your game session, so you don't have to remember to open it. After each game, just can open the Plays application to view and analyze your gameplay.

Slow shot scene analysis
Slow down the process of recording, analysis of gameplay more easily. See everything, without pause. See what your opponent is doing, how do you respond to that and the improved method is much easier. The best part is that you can see the head connected to the last pixel.

Automatic pin kill, assists, death and target (some games)
Game player can use the built-in pin automatic tracking of the most important time to kill, death, assists and goals. One of the best way to improve is to reduce unnecessary deaths. After every game, look at how you died, you can take a look at what different ways to avoid death.

Use manual bookmarks view key moment
You will find that when you want to re visit the key moment in the game. You can use the hotkey to manually create bookmarks. For example, maybe you kill your opponent from only one step away. Look at this game, see if you can take different actions to destroy a killer.

Video sharing and peer
Clip time and share. Show them what you did right, or ask them what you did wrong. Peers can comment on the video. They will send the clip to them and ask for feedback.

uninstall method

1, the installation of 360 software manager or other software manager.
2, to uninstall the software interface to find Plays software, click the uninstall.
3, click on the strong clear traces can be.

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