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Lost Castle Chinese cracked version of Lost Castle

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-29
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Lost Castle Chinese cracked version of Lost Castle
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Lost Castle Chinese Lost Castle cracked version is a very interesting exploration of the game, in the game, game player will play the role of a hunter into the castle, you are faced with many different styles of levels, has been accompanied by evil forces around you, hold the hands of the sword of justice to overcome many obstacles, Daguai upgrade exploration the map, in the journey, you will get all kinds of equipment, props and treasures and becomes strong and finally get into the enemy within, find the ultimate boss, destroy it purified the source of evil, the game has a large number of random elements, rich props and weapons and armor, weapons and skills of each action will change, can play love is very high, the friends of these games to download it immediately!

The game is introduced

Harwood was aristocratic castle, ordinary day ushered in the unfortunate end, evil came to the land, once the master nobles or enslaved or killed by the devil. Gradually, the demons were not satisfied with this, adjacent to Harwood castle. Other people suffering from harassment. Root around the brave began to step into the Harwood castle for evil. Are you playing a Harwood into the castle treasure hunter, planned to go to justice by the sword, by the way can do business treasure hunters. However, the castle has been evil, everything can be as you wish...

The game features

1, Rogue-like and a large number of random elements;
2, a variety of props and 50+ 30+ potion;
3 unique 100+ 20+ weapons and armor, weapons and attack action skills with different types and different;
4, randomly generated scenes, treasures, monsters, Boss;
5, through the soul sacrifice, and the acquisition of new skills to enhance the character level;
6, support for single and double local cooperative game.

how to play

1, talent system:
This game can be said to be the best to take life pile out of a person, the protagonist has a special talent so be a reaper, in order to create more powerful figures, like death to give you a push, to deepen your talent.
Talent with soul (killing off) light, different talents needed for the soul, the recommended hand residual life priority, defense, speed, and CD (Mithril weapon CD is very long, but strong endurance skills)
2, weapons:
Roughly divided into: hands (Da Jian), one hand (Jian Dun), rifles, muskets (commonly known as spray), staves, bows, and a double knife
Although the weapon is divided into five categories, but a variety of weapons diversification, in this game, you can even play Zombies (x)
(Mithril divity invincible!)
Big sword, special skills: turn around
High rigid, hard control force (and personally hand than long guns)
The highest output panel, while hard straight is particularly long, the ability to control OK
Whirlwind didn't really fit in the strange group inside, because some blame is almost tyrants, whirlwind is not put then may also be scratching out a large blood......
Special skills: Sword and shield block
Attack faster, have short straight, although a short hand, but there is a defense bonus, while using the block would be a good front
Special skills: Guns, jumping attack? (this does not know how to describe)
The essence of this game is because A jump jumping attack attack, and attack range, special skill is very suitable for the new practice with adorable dancing A
Special skills: Guns, after the jump
Hard straight, group wound (never played the adorable new can look up the brain shotgun)
And the sword is also hard to control, but the gun was more suitable for the guerrilla, because no sword strong hard control
Double knife, special skills: Sprint
The whole game crit rate is the highest, but also the highest weapons game DPS
Do not play this greedy knife! Otherwise, the consequences!
Special skills: wear the bows and arrows.
Adorable new weapons must be used! Very easy to use (the wall is probably the card then crazy special skills. 2333) flying ability
The staff, special skills: Flash
Have you heard of a melee mage?
Yes, one of the game master is a melee mage
The highest Pugong three times, each attack, attack launch fireball +1 (can not find a suitable metaphor of the most sorry) hit three fireball!
Although the staff once weakened, but still very powerful weapons, flash process invincible, remember the approximate time measurement.

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