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Lost Castle Lost Castle Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-10-29
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Lost Castle Lost Castle Chinese cracked version
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The Castle Chinese cracked version is an interesting exploration game. In the game, the player will play a hunter entering the castle. You are faced with many different styles. The evil forces are always around you, lifting the sword of justice to overcome the obstacles, and upgrading the entire map. During the journey, you will acquire all kinds of equipment, props and treasures, and gradually become strong. Finally, go deep inside the enemy, find the ultimate boss, eliminate the source of evil, the game has a large number of random elements, rich props and weapons and armor, every weapon's skills and actions will change, and the playability is very high. Lost Castle Lost

Introduction to the game

Harwood was once ruled by a aristocratic castle, and the ordinary days ended in misfortune. Evil came to this land. Once the masters and nobles were demons or enslaved or killed. Gradually, the demons were not satisfied, and the people of other lands adjacent to Harwood castle were invaded. All the brave men began to step into the roots of Harwood castle in search of evil. You are playing a treasure hunter stepping into Harwood castle. He plans to uphold justice with his sword, and can do something about treasure hunter. However, the castle has been eroded by evil, and everything can be as you wish.

Game features

1, Rogue-like and a large number of random elements.
2, a variety of 50+ props and 30+ potions;
3, the 100+ weapons and 20+ armor with their own characteristics will vary with different weapon types.
4, randomly generated scenes, treasures, monsters, Boss;
5, enhance the role hierarchy and acquire new abilities through the sacrifice of souls.
6, support single player and double local cooperation.

how to play

1, talent system:
This game can be said to be a life of a top character, the protagonist has a special talent, so staring at death, in order to create a more powerful puppet, death felt that you should push, deepen your talent.
Talent needs to be lit up with soul (kill and fall), different souls required for different talents, recommended hand disabled priority life, defense, speed, and CD (CD is very long, but skill endurance is strong).
2, weapons:
Roughly divided into: hands (Da Jian), single hand (Jian Dun), long guns, muskets (commonly known as spray), staff, bow and arrow, and two knives.
Weapons are divided into five categories, but all kinds of weapons are diversified. In this game, you can even play plants and War Zombies (x).
(God of the secret religion is invincible!
Big sword, special skill: circle
High hardness, straight and hard control (and personally feel that the hand is longer than the gun).
The output panel is the highest, while the hard straight is also very long. The control ability is OK.
Whirlwind is really not suitable for use in strange groups, because some strange are almost tyrants, whirlwind does not finish and may be scratched out of a big tube of blood.
Sword shield, special skills: block
The attack speed is fast, and it has a small hard straight line. Although the hand is short, it has a defensive power addition. At the same time, it will be a good front row when using the block.
Long guns, special skills: jumping attack? (I don't know how to describe it).
The essence of this game is jumping attack, because jumping A has high attack power, and the scope of attack is far away. The special skills of long guns are very suitable for sprouting practice and A.
Firearms, special skills: backward jump
Stiff, straight, group wound (no new sprouting gun can be used to repair the shotgun).
And big sword is also hard control, but the gun is more suitable for guerrilla, because hard control has no big sword strength.
Double knives, special skills: Sprint
The whole game has the highest rate of crit attack, and it is also the highest weapon of the whole game DPS.
Don't be greedy to play with this knife! Otherwise, the consequences will be conceited.
Bow and arrow, special skills: wearing clouds and arrows
The new weapon must be used. It's very easy to get started (probably by sticking to the wall and crazy special skills 2333).
Staff, special skills: Flash
Have you ever heard of close combat mages?
Yes, the mage of this game is one of the close combat mages.
The highest attack is three times, each attack, the fireball +1 launched by the common attack (no suitable metaphor can be found sorry). At most, three fireballs are played.
Although the staff has been weakened once, it is still a very powerful weapon. The flash process is invincible. Remember to measure the approximate time.

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