Download help


First, how to download the software?
1, please click on the provided by the download, or right-click and select "save target as" and then click download to the folder, which can download the software.
2, in order to achieve the fastest download speeds, we recommend that users use the "Thunderbolt" multi-threaded download tools. Method of use: click the right mouse button to download the file, choose to use the "Thunderbolt download".

Two, why not download software?
1, due to the heavy burden of the download server, can not afford more users to download. Please try again later or replace other download download.
2, you need to download the software is updating, please return to the software page refresh after entering or later download.
3, because of copyright issues, please delete Baidu search software download lightning
4, if the above methods are unable to download, please enter the software page and click on the relevant links to notify the administrator.

Three, how to download the RAR.?
1, please ensure that you complete download, file size should be written on the page.
2, we provide a lot of software are ZIP or RAR files, you can download and install WinRAR decompression software after decompression. Open the.Iso file with the virtual CD-ROM!
3, the station provides software such as the need for all the passwords do not indicate:
4, on volume decompression: firstly all sub download files to the same folder, double click to find ***.part01.rar can be extracted.

Four, why can't I download software properly installed or used?
Please go directly to the software page 1, a software installation, the use of the software, we provide the author's home address or contact Email.

Five, some software download why will prompt the virus or Trojan?
1, can we guarantee that all stations provide the download resources (software etc.) are provided "as is", without any changes to the station.
2, some software such as "QQ password detective" and "network thief", the software itself determines its function is trojan software firewall, virus alarm is a normal phenomenon, so users think twice before you download. We do not assume users to download resources from the use of these for yourself and others caused by the loss or damage of any kind.
3, note: please download the software after the first time to check the virus now! Virus development speed too fast, there are a large number of new viruses are discovered every day, users must be careful when using software download!

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