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The old version of (address: if you are a software update, please write this one. The release of new software, please delete this line)

Software name: QQ2014

Software version: version 2014 SP1

Software size: 602MB

Software type: simplified Chinese / domestic software / free version

Software Categories: network chat tools / contact area /QQ

Operating environment: Win7/vista/win8/2000/2012


Official website:

Download address:

Software description:

Is the Shenzhen city Tencent Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. the development of a Internet based instant messaging (IM) software. QQ interface as shown below. Tencent QQ support online chat, video phone, point-to-point HTTP files, sharing files, network hard disk, custom panel, QQ mailbox etc.. Connected with the mobile communication terminal and other means of communication. You can use the QQ convenient, practical and efficient and friends, all of which are free.

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